LuLuWu Travelling Light

So, moving abroad, not always easy. Moving with a new baby, a whole new challenge! And something more akin to a military operation. A bit of a haphazard operation in our case but still – organisation and precision is the key. Then when anything goes wrong our back up plan was the whole winging it method. I mean, just getting the bags to the airport … Continue reading LuLuWu Travelling Light


We were then all bundled into a minibus, along with the driver’s mother, and headed into the bustling, colorful and somewhat chaotic streets. It was a fascinating journey through different towns and paddy fields. It was also highly entertaining watching my Aunty talk to the driver’s mother, I am not quite sure if they understood each other and there was some snort inducing hilarious confusion caused when my Aunty started telling the mother about my Uncle’s snorkel, don’t ask, but they got there in the end.
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Singapore Sling

We went for breakfast and then stayed by the refreshingly icy dipping pool until the new additions to the group arrived. We now had eight of us staying in a Singapore before traveling on to the Philippines. We went in search of lunch together and tied it in with a visit to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Two tubes later we were in the beautiful gardens but … Continue reading Singapore Sling

Flyer to Bike

Our morning began with a brunch of noodles at the Hawker Centre on Orchard Road, where my trusty ‘beginners’ chopsticks came in handy once again, although I must look very odd whenever I pull these out of my bag! The day was then spent wandering by the Marina Bay, seeing the Merlion, enjoying the stunning skyline of Singapore and its harbours by taking a trip … Continue reading Flyer to Bike