Leading up to Thanksgiving

After escaping from Ikea, despite the marketplace’s best efforts to lure us in and buy lots more things we never even knew we wanted, nor would we ever use I suspect, we had a busy few days. I dragged Lu to Kindermusik with Wu and I. Well, he wanted to come but I forgot to mention there is dancing. Lu doesn’t do dancing so when … Continue reading Leading up to Thanksgiving

Driving in the USA

I have now got used to the driving. Driving on my own; the stop signs; being able to turn right on red; hardly any roundabouts; driving on a different side of the road and the gigantic size of the cars. Apart from a scrape with a garage pillar (the pillar started it, honest); a slight diversion in a cemetery where I managed to end up … Continue reading Driving in the USA

Driving The Nevada Dessert

So it was out of the madness of Las Vegas and into the quietness of the Nevada Desert. We were relatively unscathed from our night in Vegas, relatively, but we may still have stopped for a recovery bagel from Einstein Bros. It was then out into the Wild Wild West. It was like a dream for me as Little House on the Prairie was always one of … Continue reading Driving The Nevada Dessert

Off-Roading Our Way Around The Lakes

I have been to the Lake District numerous times and will always have fond memories of the time I lived there; the long walks starting from the caravan; the various Easter egg hunt around the campsite and falling unceremoniously into Lake Coniston. Yes, I really did do that. Not one of  my better moments I have to say. However, I was determined that this time I would … Continue reading Off-Roading Our Way Around The Lakes