Christmas Is Finally Over

Christmas in Madison was lots of fun, especially with the welcome reinforcements in the form of Granny and Gramps, who eventually made it after some terrible delays. At least the delays were down to proper snow and not the one inch we get in the UK which seems to shut down everything and cause widespread mass panic. We hopefully erased the painful memory of delays … Continue reading Christmas Is Finally Over

Leading up to Thanksgiving

After escaping from Ikea, despite the marketplace’s best efforts to lure us in and buy lots more things we never even knew we wanted, nor would we ever use I suspect, we had a busy few days. I dragged Lu to Kindermusik with Wu and I. Well, he wanted to come but I forgot to mention there is dancing. Lu doesn’t do dancing so when … Continue reading Leading up to Thanksgiving

Birthday Spaceships

I am super proud of myself – no more getting lost for me. Wu (I think) and I are really enjoying are walks around the lake, down Willy Street and State Street.   Wu even saw his first protest but not about Trump, surprisingly, this one was about oil. What Wu is not enjoying is our attempt at sleep training. He can’t understand why Mummy … Continue reading Birthday Spaceships

Spookiness and Peanut Butter Burgers

Replenished with coffee we set off to our new home. It is right in the middle of downtown just near the stunning Wisconsin State Capital Building. Our flat, which is huge, also has a great view looking over Lake Monona. The building managers are also fantastic, I even got a hug off one – I have missed how welcoming the Americans are! Well it was either a welcome or they … Continue reading Spookiness and Peanut Butter Burgers

LuLuWu Travelling Light

So, moving abroad, not always easy. Moving with a new baby, a whole new challenge! And something more akin to a military operation. A bit of a haphazard operation in our case but still – organisation and precision is the key. Then when anything goes wrong our back up plan was the whole winging it method. I mean, just getting the bags to the airport … Continue reading LuLuWu Travelling Light

Day Two and Three: Madsion to the Windy City

Thankfully we slept right through until the best time to wake up – Brunch Time! We headed out to the Bassett Street Brunch Club for some fantastic grub. We by accident jumped the queue and sat straight down but luckily the waiting staff didn’t seem to mind once they heard our accents. We sat outside in the glorious warmth with an omelette and the biggest piece of fried … Continue reading Day Two and Three: Madsion to the Windy City