Monkey Business

We survived our first Thanksgiving thanks to a wonderful meal cooked by the other half, even though I was the one who had been on a Thanksgiving Cookery Course, we both decided it was better this way. There was the slight error with the turkey, meaning we needed another one, but we won’t dwell on that. It was then time to get a bit more … Continue reading Monkey Business

Birthday Spaceships

I am super proud of myself – no more getting lost for me. Wu (I think) and I are really enjoying are walks around the lake, down Willy Street and State Street.   Wu even saw his first protest but not about Trump, surprisingly, this one was about oil. What Wu is not enjoying is our attempt at sleep training. He can’t understand why Mummy … Continue reading Birthday Spaceships

Learning the lingo and dangerous activities

Well, what a week settling in. I have to say I never want to live in a hotel again and have a few more weeks to go but things could be a lot worse! However, after walking Luke to the boat, to make sure he gets on it to go to work, at least I get to come back to a ‘lovely’ breakfast. Even if … Continue reading Learning the lingo and dangerous activities

Skis, Snow Boots and Snow

So, day two and we certainly kept busy. I managed to drag Luke to the gym before breakfast and that went well, untill the lights went off and we couldn’t find the switches. We got a few funny looks from other people who entered the gym later and found us, working out on the cross-trainers, in total darkness. Oh well, we can just tell them … Continue reading Skis, Snow Boots and Snow

Back To Blighty

We boarded the plane and luckily had managed to get seats together. However we were then informed that they needed to fix something on the nose of the plane before we could take off. Well that was reassuring ,especially for my two nervous companions who hate flying. Thankfully the nose stayed intact on take off and we settled in to enjoy the dinner that was … Continue reading Back To Blighty