A little bit about me

Traveling and living abroad have always been something I wanted to do. I have been very lucky to be able to have lived, traveled to and got lost in some amazing places so far.

My expat lifestyle began when my then partner, now husband, was re-located to Indianapolis due to his job where I found myself, in an apartment on the 22nd floor, in the heart of Indianapolis.

Afterwards I went back to the UK to live in a enchanting cottage in a typically lovely country village. Quite by accident I then found myself living in Norway full time for a few months before commuting between various countries, after lots of cross country skiing of course .

We were then based in the stunning Scotland, where we saw the arrival of our baby, lets call him Wu.

Then, with 6 month baby Wu in tow we were off to live in Madison, Wi. Who knows where we will end up next? It’s a bit of a an adventure really!

I am known to be a bit random and for my appalling sense of direction, I suspect a lot of this blog will show this!


  1. Greetings, Lucy.
    Wordpress tells me you visited my food and travel blog, and they supplied a link to your blog, of course. Welcome to our side of the pond. Bit of a change, landing in Indianapolis. Nice state, Indiana — lots of interesting things to do. And it’s close to Chicago, which is a metropolis you might enjoy.

    Because you have a Foodies page, I thought I’d mention LTHforum.com — a foodie chat site that is focused primarily on the greater metropolitan Chicago area, but also includes a fair bit about northern Indiana and Indianapolis — though your visit to the Farmers Market suggests you’re doing all right on your own.

    I hope the adjustment proves to be entertaining, and that you and Luke really enjoy your time in the heartland.

    • Greetings to you too Cynthia,

      Yes I think your blog popped up on the home page or something I was reading and I really enjoyed having a browse. I am a novice foodie and have done quite a bit of travelling as well so I found your blog highly enjoyable and one that I wanted to keep updated with. I really like how you have historical aspects mixed in with recipes and lovely photos.

      Thank you so much for the great tips about Chicago and I have just registered for the LTHforum as it looks like the sort of thing I enjoy looking at 🙂 I was very impressed with the farmers market. I am a big advocate for using organic or locally sourced produce rather than buying everything from supermarkets. It’s just so much nicer to know where your food has come from and to meet the people who produce it. I will definitely be going back next week.

      I am already feeling very settled into Indiana already. The people are so nice and its great to see that everything I have heard about the Hoosier spirit is true.

      Thanks again,


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