DIY-ing Part One

New house means lots of new opportunities for DIY-ing. Well, for me to go on Pinterest and find lots of new, what I think will be ‘quick and easy’, jobs that I then task Lu with. These jobs inevitably always turn out to be neither quick nor easy, much to Lu’s dismay, but they are well worth it.

The first task was baby gates for our little climber, the other ones we have tried hadn’t worked. We needed something tall, with no hand or foot holds and something solid. So I found this plan to follow. Well, for Luke to follow, for three gates taking one day per gate. Whoops! He did a fantastic job though and , so far fingers crossed, Wu has yet to escape. Although he is getting nearer to working out the opening mechanisms every day. Luckily we thought ahead to this and we put the locks on the ‘safe side’  so on the side of the stairs rather than the hallway landing.

I decided to spice the gates up a bit by painting the downstairs one blue…Lu however insisted it was something Wu must have done as it looked like a toddlers attempt. How rude!

We have found these gates invaluable so far, they are also very handy at keeping Peppa, and our new addition Scotch, a cute rescue dog who we have no idea what exact breed he is – Pointer? Setter? Lab? Catahoula Hound? We just know he’s cute and good company for Peps.. we think…although he insists on using her as a cushion wherever they are. I often cant see Peppa initially, and worry I have lost her, because Scotch is sat on her.



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