The Last Adventures of Summer

We have really been enjoying the last few weeks of summer – well apparently summer has ended now as the schools have started and Autumn, or as the other Lu insists on calling it ‘Fall’, will begin. I’m going to stay true to my roots and carry on calling it Autumn. And no, not because it annoys Lu. Well, maybe just a bit.

We had a great trip to the Henry Vilas Zoo whilst on a play-date. It is amazing how many different animals they have. It’s also completely free, which is fantastic They even had some very cute, fluffy Lion Cubs! Not that I would try and hug one, they would be like trying to cuddle Wu when he is throwing a strop, but they did look very cuddly. Their parents not so much There was also a lot of commotion from one area. I thought it was lots of kids  – turns out it was the monkeys! Although sometimes its hard to tell the difference between Wu and a monkey the way he clambers everywhere.

The babies loved it and were making sounds back at them, we might have done as well – well it was hard not to! So definitely worth a visit for all ages, it’s a great way to spend a few hours. They even have Polar Bears, which I get would be fine here in the winter but I’m still not sure how they cope in the summer…

Wisconsin Dells seems to be a traditional summer holiday visit for a lot of people here so we decided to see what it was all about too. Lu wanted to do a bit of outlet shopping anyway, he shops way more than me even if he wont admit it, so off we went. What can I say – it is like our Blackpool Beach on steroids, or a mini Vegas! I couldn’t believe it when we saw a Coliseum, upside down White House, the Trojan Horse and a huge Ariel park!

I had no idea it was like that. We then did quite a lot of outlet shopping and I was very impressed with the trolley style dash I did round a kids shop for Wu – Lu didn’t seem to see it quite as impressive as I did but I think to get Wu a winter wardrobe in twenty minutes is a skill! The girl on the till could barely suppress her giggles as Lu was trying to distract me away from any more products that I kept popping into the basket whilst he was checking out. But really, how can you resist a glow in the dark skeleton sleep suit?! To celebrate our successful shop, and because getting served food via a train has to be the coolest thing ever, we went to Buffalo Phils Train Restaurant.

We agreed we were going there as Wu would love it but it may have been more for us. Maybe. Probably. Definitely more for us. Although for kids it amazing. Wu needed no other toys or distractions during the entire lunch he was amazed by the train. Especially when they put a Mickey Mouse riding a motorbike, and various other animal toys, on it. I need to get one in my house so I can cook without Wu hanging on my leg, or more worryingly climbing and hanging off the oven door…It would also be great to serve drinks on when friends are over , or just for mine at the weekend.

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