The Day Of The Shipping Container

We are, slowly, getting settled into the new digs.  The arrival of our shipping container helped enormously with this, although not with the amount of recycling now stuffed in our garage. Of course the other Lu had an impromptu meeting at work he just had to go to at, conveniently, the exact time the container was due to arrive so I was a little worried about what I was going to do with the little one whilst directing the container and the furniture. Luckily, but not for my back which now feels like it is is on fire in the mornings, Wu was happy to be held as he looked on in amazement at the huge container reversing onto the drive. I have to say, I may have been more excited as I used to work in shipping and it still fascinates me. I was especially impressed by the drivers reversing skills as he did a sharp bend reversing up a hill whilst smoking a cigarette like some long haired rebel. Although, if this manouevere had gone wrong, and he had hit my new neighbours’ car or rubbish bins, I probably wouldn’t have thought that!


And yes, I still maintain I would be better than Lu at parking that container. Ever since we had a barney about the right way to reverse into a space, as I was reversing, whereby I got out of the drivers seat with an angry flair, and maybe a slight slamming of the door. He took over to show me how to reverse into the space. Only to reverse straight into a post. Or, as he still hadn’t quite learnt his lesson, another time he did that and proceeded to reverse into a lamppost but then blamed the beepers in the car. I rest my case.

So, surrounded by boxes again, and furniture precariously propped up against various walls just waiting for Wu to climb , we had to crack on as there was no safe place for him. Wu helped too by moving all the shoes from one place to the table, naturally, and we are still missing a few so we think he has a hiding place somewhere! IMG_20170703_085821632.jpgLuckily for us to help with our unpacking, and a complete surprise as I had forgotten half the stuff we had which is a really good argument to follow Stuffocation’s rules, a bottle of U’luvka, my favourite vodka, arrived unbroken so this helped enormously with the unpacking. It was created for the Polish courts so they could drink in the evening and be fine to work the next day- perfect! There was also a bottle of lovely Scottish whiskey that made the journey across the Atlantic all the way to the other Lu’s coke.

With the house safe again we ventured out to the La Fete de Marquette to see the best kid’s act around, David Laundau. I must say it was slightly different to the festivals we used to go to.

This was no Glastonbury, although the crowd of babies and toddlers could probably give other festival goers a run for their money in the wild stakes. I actually found myself refusing to leave the tent where he was performing until I had heard my two favourite songs, yes really (#parentlife), which were ‘A Peanut Sat on a Railroad Track‘ and ‘Apples and Bannas‘.  I mean how could you not love those?! Yes Ladies and Gents, things have definitely changed for the LuLu’s.

It was then time for Lu to get some BBQ practice. file.jpegUnfortunately, I lost the gas vs charcoal battle so we have a gas grill. I am still adamant charcoal tastes and smells better but it was not to be. Lu did say I should get myself a little Weber charcoal BBQ as long as I was OK with Wu and him eating a few hours before me. I wasn’t sure that would be productive for family meal times. I may have lost this particular battle but as long as I win the bigger battles, like the basement design, I can live with it. Although I did have a giggle, privately as Lu wasn’t in the right mood at the time, when he went to ignite his gloriously shiny grill for the first time and nothing. No flames. No fire. Nothing happening at all. My little quips of ‘is it supposed to do that?’ and ‘is it broken?’ were not well received. Turns out Lu had brought an empty gas canister ( I have no idea why they sell these unless it is a cruel prank). It was definitely a bite the tongue moment. However, as he drove off in search of a full gas canister I was unable to keep quiet any longer.  As I waved him goodbye with a muttered “that would never happen with charcoal.”

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