Relocation Mishaps, Fools Flotilla and Independence day : Part Two

Lu made a race against time, all within the speed limit of course, back to the Capital and luckily rescued our keys. When we finally left the Capital, it was quite sad as we have loved living downtown. Before we left, we had some fantastic trips around the summer outdoor market, along with eating our way around the Capital and down State Street. The stalls at the market are amazing with some fantastic food, flowers and dog neckerchiefs for Peppa. We also got to go to a few festivals including watching the Fools Flotilla, which had a fantastically fun atmosphere.



There was even a band on a boat!




There was then the big Waunaboom festival for Independence Day in Ripp Park, which, much to the delight of Lu included an F16 Flyover. Now you wouldn’t get that at some of the local festivals where we used to live! Maybe a few accidental balloons flying over and some poor parent desperately trying to retrieve it.

What you also wouldn’t get quite as much of is the Midges and Mozzies. As soon as I got out of the car I saw, heard and felt them on the walk in to the festival. Lu was completely oblivious as I am the one they go for. I then realised to my horror that I had made a dreadful, dreadful error as we began our walk into the park. No insect repellent. The dreadfulness of this error was confirmed when all the groups we walked past were enthusiastically spraying themselves with insect repellent like they knew exactly what to expect from the evening and were happily protecting themselves. Meanwhile I was the hapless one in a sleeveless t-shirt. I may as well have placed an ‘open bar for mozzies’ sign around my neck.  Lu did suggest that, if I time it right, I could run by the next person who uses the insect repellent spray so I would be covered too but I didn’t think that would go down well with the sprayer. A nicer thing we don’t get at the festivals at home, which we got to sample here for the first time, was frozen custard. Well, when I say sample, we asked for a portion thinking it would be a small, one person cinema sized tub. Turns out it was a huge pint sized tub. Didn’t quite manage it all! It was very tasty but I’m not sure I’m completely sold on the frozen over the hotter option.

What I am sold on is Independence Day parties. Even if it is celebrating freedom from my home country. We were very excited to experience our first Independence Day here. The fireworks were amazing, as was the display of patriotism and just the general feeling of families enjoying time together. We were thrilled we got to be a part of that this year. I may have got slightly carried away with a table runner, Independence Day crackers, red white and blue fairy lights and a stars & stripes dog neckerchief. In my defence, I didn’t dress up my kid in red, white or blue. I will save that for next year.



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