Christmas Is Finally Over

Christmas in Madison was lots of fun, especially with the welcome reinforcements in the form of Granny and Gramps, who eventually made it after some terrible delays. At least the delays were down to proper snow and not the one inch we get in the UK which seems to shut down everything and cause widespread mass panic. We hopefully erased the painful memory of delays with lots of nice food, wine and trips out. Although I am not sure Granny was very impressed when we took her to see the Olin Park Holiday Lights and the song they were playing on loop was ‘Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer‘, she is only just getting used to the Scottish song about pushing Granny off the bus…

However,  the lights were beautiful and we also got to see lots of amazing houses decorated like the houses in the movies. My particular favourite was Santa being caught by the family dog….


We managed to squeeze in a trip to Chicago and stayed in one of my favourite hotels, the Chicago Athletic Association. It didn’t even matter that Wu decided it was the night to not go to sleep, at all, all night. It just meant we got to see a lot more of the room than we would have done, say, if we were actually sleeping. It was certainly not a bad place to spend with an insomniac baby. We did even  get to go for a drink earlier on at Cindys , the hotel’s amazing rooftop bar. We braved outside and sat by the fire pit looking out over the beautiful Chicago Skyline whilst the grandparents had Wu. It did end up being a bit of a parents meeting as we were sat next to another couple who had escaped the kids and were enjoying one of their first nights out without them. They had done the sensible thing and left the kids with the Grandparents far away from Chicago, ours was still in the same building so our big night out was two drinks. But we did have one drink in two different bars, even if they were within the same hotel. Hey, we will take what we can get!

Don’t worry, the Grandparents didn’t miss out too much as we got a take away for the room of hot dogs from Shake Shack, we certainly know how to treat them! I think they needed it after a few hours with Wu as, when we descended to our room, we found them in a somewhat disheveled state holding a wide awake baby and everyone was wearing different clothes, which may not have been their own, than when we left. Turns out little Wu had just thrown up on them causing Gramps to go on a rescue mission for Granny, who needed a compete change of clothes as she didn’t fancy wandering the hotel corridors in a dressing gown. Oh dear, for someone so small Wu is certainly showing traits of becoming a mini master of mayhem.

Chicago was as beautiful, cold and windy as always. We got to show Granny and Gramps all the usual sights of Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, The Bean and of course a deep pan pizza. I even got a sneaky trip to Crate & Barrel, I think the other Lu is relieved we do not have a house over here yet. Very.

So, after nearly a month in the UK where Wu got thoroughly spoiled by his other grandparents we are now back and looking forward to spring, although it is still slightly nippy here! We even got to walk across Lake Mendota this weekend during the Frozen Assets Festival. I was a bit wary and certainly walked a lot quicker knowing we were walking over ice but there was people cycling, driving, skiing and skating on it so I think we were safe. Right?


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