Monkey Business

We survived our first Thanksgiving thanks to a wonderful meal cooked by the other half, even though I was the one who had been on a Thanksgiving Cookery Course, we both decided it was better this way. There was the slight error with the turkey, meaning we needed another one, but we won’t dwell on that. It was then time to get a bit more festive so Lu went out in search of a tree and decorations. He really outdid himself this year, I think having a baby has certainly changed him but I didn’t realise how much until he came back. Not only did he come back with a tree and baubles, but an almost life-sized glowing nutcracker figure, well life-size if your my height and a bit vertically challenged, and a giant candy cane. As well as more tinsel than I know what to do with and a variety of stockings including a rhinestone cowboy boot. Yes you read that right. A Christmas stocking. That looks like a cowboy boot. With rhinestones on it. It was probably a good thing I didn’t go with him, who knows what we would have ended up with then!

With the tree up it was time to show Wu. He looked completely baffled as to why a tree, which he usually loves to look at on his walk outside, has made its way into our apartment. Even more confusing for him was why it has thousands of baubles on it. Including a gherkin and an American football one. But what really got him was when we excitedly kept switching the tree lights on and off,  and on and off, and on and off again to show him his first finished Christmas tree. He may have looked at us like we were slightly unhinged, at first, but then we got the giggles and the awe we were after. Definitely worth the hours, yes hours spent attaching all the baubles on to the tree, which needed stringing first. The Christmas theme continued with a trip to a Victorian Christmas in Stoughton. It was a pleasant place to look around and there were frequent horse and carriage rides going past. However, the only thing we ended up buying was cheese. Well we are in Wisconsin!

We continued to make Wu think his parents had gone a bit doolally throughout the week as one time I got dressed up in my snow clothes, which wasn’t odd in itself, what was odd was when I then disappeared on to our balcony. I had decided, naturally, to head out to spray paint my winter wine glasses, in about -15 Celsius. I am really, really hoping none of the neighbours saw me! However, the glasses turned out much better than expected so it was worth the bit of cold. Well, it was once I poured myself a large drink in one which helped to warm me up, marginally. I might have had to have another glass just to make sure.

It was then my turn to be let loose on Christmas decorations in the form of snow spray. In hindsight, not the best idea. We now can no longer see out of one window but with lots more practice I got the hang of it and managed a few stencils. The getting carried away with Christmas reached a new height when we spotted a huge cuddly monkey at the supermarket. We, of course, had to get it for our new little monkey. I got a considerable amount of stares from the other shoppers as Lu was pushing the pram and I was wheeling a giant monkey around  in the trolley. One lady inquired who the monkey was for, my baby or my husband, as both seemed equally pleased with the new find. I mentioned that I suspected it was for the latter. I think I may have been right when Lu proceeded to prop the monkey up on our bar so he could share a beer. I always thought getting trollied came after beer but not so in this particular monkey’s case.

With the snow turning into a few snowstorm weather warnings, no more thinking winter is coming as if we were in Game of Thrones behind the white wall it has now arrived with gusto, so me and Wu where holed up for over a week due to an ear infection. However, reinforcements are on the way in the form of one set of grandparents.



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