Leading up to Thanksgiving

After escaping from Ikea, despite the marketplace’s best efforts to lure us in and buy lots more things we never even knew we wanted, nor would we ever use I suspect, we had a busy few days. I dragged Lu to Kindermusik with Wu and I. Well, he wanted to come but I forgot to mention there is dancing. Lu doesn’t do dancing so when the teacher said everybody do a grapevine his face was priceless and his feet were something else, but Wu really enjoys it. What we didn’t enjoy was another wasted trip to social security after but we made up for this by having breakfast/ brunch out. Not just any brunch, it was absolutely delicious. We went to the Short Stack Eatery in Madison, which always has a huge queue outside and now I know why. I had an amazing Eggs Benedict on biscuits with potatoes and a milkshake. Good job I have a huge appetite as the portion was massive! I think next time I will ask for a half. But, then again, it was so delicious I might not.


The food theme continued as I went to an Ina Garten Thanksgiving cookery class at Sur La Table. Well I need all the help I can get for Thanksgiving! It was a really enjoyable class and as a group we got to make a full thanksgiving menu starting from the turkey to the pumpkin pie. We then got to eat it which was an added bonus. I’ve never had pumpkin pie before and it was delicious, especially with all the rum in it!

Full up, again, I was saved from buying even more cooking things because we had, very thoughtfully, been invited to a baby get together by one of the ladies from my Mother Baby Hour group. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon with lots of babies and other parents. Wu had a great time and we very much enjoyed seeing everyone and meeting new people. The house was also beautifully decorated and had made me want to get a house again now. Before we moved to America we had almost completed on an amazing house and now I don’t know what to do with all my Pinit boards I had for it. Although I am not sure I can justify buying a house just so my boards don’t go to waste.

Once I had dragged Lu away from chatting, as we were the last ones there and I didn’t want to outstay our welcome, we got into the trusty Ford Flex. The day after, all fired up from my second self-defense class, the Ford Flex met its match and was gone. In its place we now have an normal size car. No jumping into it to reach the seat. No worries about how big the car is or if the garage pillars will try to attack it again. No more looking like I am in my very own booster seat to reach the peddles. It is a normal sized car. Although I think they call them compact cars here. We shall see how long this lasts because, as Lu pointed out, we have had six cars already since we have been here and the rental place know him by name. At least I am building up credentials if I ever want to have a career change and become a driver or  a transporter like Jason Statham. I think I may need more self-defense classes before I am at his level though, only a few more I am sure.


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