Birthday Spaceships

I am super proud of myself – no more getting lost for me. Wu (I think) and I are really enjoying are walks around the lake, down Willy Street and State Street.


Wu even saw his first protest but not about Trump, surprisingly, this one was about oil. What Wu is not enjoying is our attempt at sleep training. He can’t understand why Mummy doesn’t want to get up every few hours to party. I think he showed his displeasure with this new turn of events when he gave me a massive, quite nasty for a baby, scratch. Earning me the nickname ‘Potter’ from my darling husband. I am sure neither of them meant it. It’s a good job I had signed up to a self-defense workshop over the next couple of weekends as I obviously need to defend myself from baby Wu, or cut his nails more efficiently, although they seem to grow overnight. Wu’s nails, however, were not the reason I gave when we all introduced ourselves at the self-defense session and the reason why we wanted to take the class.

The afternoon was spent shouting ‘Get Away’ and practicing some nifty moves against two poor, but suspecting, volunteers. Who had to stand there as about twenty women lined up to practice their knees, elbow punches and shouting at them. It was a very interesting workshop and something I have been meaning to do for ages. So with my new found skills, and Wu’s claws, the other Lu should be perfectly safe with our protection! I thought I may have to use these skills when this appeared at our window but luckily it was just the window cleaner.

What my new-found skills didn’t help with was trying to find a birthday card for dads for Lu’s first birthday in that category. I went in all the shops I could find and nothing. I saw ones for mums, so at least I will be OK (*big hint here Lu*), but no dads. I asked at a few shops and either got redirected or one assistant who was trying to be helpful said they don’t, but why not get the fab card with dancing bacon rashers on it instead? I was tempted but it wasn’t quite what I was after! With some clever editing on Lu’s card with my trusty biro we could celebrate his birthday without a hitch and I don’t think he suspected his card was not a proper dad’s birthday one…at least if he did he didn’t let me know. I did make up for it with a birthday cookie and oatmeal cookie from Dough Baby Bakery though.

Now, everyone knows the best treat for any birthday has to be a trip to Ikea to buy lots of heavy furniture and eat meatballs and hot dogs. Then have to lug it all back, and assemble it. I promise I made us go because Lu loves assembling furniture and it was nothing to do with my eagerness to get the den ready for the arrival of Wu’s grandparents. Although that was a strong incentive for me I’ll admit. The journey took two hours each way, with a bit of a delay going there due to being stuck behind some sort of flying saucer object.

At least it provided some entertainment! As did the new car Luke had got us from the rental to fit all the furniture in. He really, really over sold it to me saying it was a cross between my two favourite cars. It was not. It was, and I apologize to anyone who has one of these, ugly. It could be almost perfect and is almost like a range rover / defender but then there is just too much going on at the back. It’s like someone has stuck an additional bit on the end. I like my cars and have been lucky to have some fantastic ones to drive but the Ford Flex won’t be making my top list. It was lovely inside, and nice to drive, I just felt very sorry for the other drivers having to look at it so I began devising a plan to get rid of it.


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