Driving in the USA

I have now got used to the driving. Driving on my own; the stop signs; being able to turn right on red; hardly any roundabouts; driving on a different side of the road and the gigantic size of the cars. Apart from a scrape with a garage pillar (the pillar started it, honest); a slight diversion in a cemetery where I managed to end up opposite a grave for someone called Graves; and an uncomfortable drive with a police car behind making me instantly panic and think I didn’t know how to drive, which over here may be quite accurate. However, I am really enjoying the driving! Not sure if LuWu are as thrilled as I am. Wu is either really, really enjoying his naps in the car or keeping his eyes firmly shut until we make it to our destination…

We are getting lot more settled now. Wu and me have got stuck into the baby groups, where we are something of an exotic novelty. I suspect this will be the only time we are! However, Wu has been crawling for a few weeks so is making full use of his new independence by completely abandoning me in all baby groups. Its almost like he thinks right, baby group, see you later Mummy this other Mummy is much more interesting, and off he goes. Or worse, he thinks another baby’s toy is way more interesting and tries to take it of them. Despite having his favourite toy in front of him. I am never sure whether to leave him to it or step in. I usually step in as I don’t want Wu to be the one stealing everyone’s toys! There was also one session of Yoga where the teacher had to modify her instructions for anyone without a baby. Bear in mind this was Baby Yoga and, despite arriving with Wu, I was the only one these instructions were for as he prefers to head on over to the instructor for a bit of a flirt. So I went through pregnancy and raising him for the past couple of months to being the only person in the room having to do poses without a baby. In Baby Yoga. Thanks Wu.

Helping us to get more settled arrived in the form of  a lovely get together with some of Lu’s colleagues. We had a fantastic home cooked meal with a few of them one Sunday. The lunch was lovely and the company was great. The food was really good and if I had known how good a cook they were I may have thought twice about taking them my homemade banana bread! I  felt a familiar sinking feeling as I began to realise how dry and un-bananary it was!I get this when I make anything for my brother and his partner who are fantastic cooks. One of the couples at the lunch have a baby similar age to Wu so me and the mum met up again another time which was so nice. There’s lots of differences between maternity and baby care here compared to the UK so its lovely to have someone else to chat too. I mean they don’t even have Calpol! I used to pretend I was ill so I could get Calpol when I was younger (sorry Mum!). Although I think Wu must be the only baby who hates it. He actively blocks any Calpol attempts by rolling his tongue up. I never know whether to admire his skill or, after our Calpol wrestling match has left me with a headache and wanting to lie down in a darkened room, just take the syringe myself.

Settling in also meant sharing the nations shock at the election night. Watching the results come in live, whilst also seeing people still voting in the building next door, we were just hoping for more voters to turn up to turn Wisconsin Blue. But despite Madison being all blue, Wisconsin turned out to be Red like a lot of the other states. So who knew that the Simpsons would be in the same league as Nostradamus! I may have to watch all the episodes again just to limit any future shocks!

The rest of the days I have been going for walks down State Street and, now that I have managed to find it, near the lake.



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