Spookiness and Peanut Butter Burgers

Replenished with coffee we set off to our new home. It is right in the middle of downtown just near the stunning Wisconsin State Capital Building. Our flat, which is huge, also has a great view looking over Lake Monona. The building managers are also fantastic, I even got a hug off one – I have missed how welcoming the Americans are! Well it was either a welcome or they were a bit concerned over my jet lagged British jibbering.

We were also welcomed by a plethora of boxes, it looks like we were opening up a shop! However we needed to have stuff for when we arrived – like a cot – but the other Lu was in charge for this and I have strong suspicions that he went a bit trigger happy on the Amazon one click ordering button.

We eventually got a lot more settled in and went for a walk down state street, past the pumpkins, Capital Building, beautifully coloured trees and to the other lake,  Lake Mendota.


We then ventured out in our massive car, which I was a bit dubious about driving as it felt about ten times bigger than Noddy, my trusty Fiat 500. I managed it, but we then decided to downsize the car for a bit first. Deduce from that what you will…

It was then time for a lovely lunch at the Hollander, which was massive with fantastic quirkiness and lots of bikes inside. I have also missed having potatoes with my breakfast!

We then delved into Target and found everything and anything you could ever want, from tepees to egg rolls. And yes, we brought both.

There was also time to squeeze in a trip to the Treinen farm. The farm had lots to explore from the livestock, corn maze and a pumpkin day care centre, yes really. We then hopped onto the back of a horse drawn trailer, with Wu in a carrier. It was a bit hairy at one point. We were literally hanging of the back and the horses got a bit over excited with their gallop but we made it, chose an odd looking green pumpkin, and went in search of lunch.

We found lunch at the Blue Spoon Café. The staff were lovely and the food was amazing. Although I decided to try something I had never tried before, just because it was the sort of day I was having. It was a peanut butter burger. Yes really, peanut butter on a burger with red onion jam. It was an interesting flavour.img_0045-1It is also something I don’t think I will be trying again but it was great to tick it off the American Food Bucket List. I should have been less adventurous and had what the other Lu had! It was then time to head home through Devils Lake – well we had to keep up with the spooky theme!

The other Lu then was in the office for the week so me and Wu explored the local area with lots of walks, only getting lost a few times. Luckily the building mangers had given me a map – how did they know?! My reputation obviously proceeds me. Still I thought we were doing well until I set off for one of our daily mission –  to have a walk by the lake. The lake I could see from the flat window. The lake I could see from the three wrong dead end streets I walked down. The lake I could see lots of people walking, cycling and running around . The lake that I could look down on from the top of Monona terrace. The lake that I could absolutely, definitely not find my way to.

Feeling a bit pathetic I went to plan B and went to explore the library. This was much more successful. Firstly, I managed to find it. Secondly I manged to get lots of books for Wu from the baby section including some witchy finds for Halloween.


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