And Here I Go Again..

So, after a jam packed year (apologies for the lack of blogs!) I am off again . This time definitely not on my own. I have the other Lu. Yup still not managed to get rid of him or he hasn’t managed to lose me, I am not sure which way round it is I suppose it all depends on who you ask! We also have another member of our clan now, in the form of our four month old baby boy, let’s call him Wu for blog purposes. As I said, busy year. I don’t think I will be going anywhere again on my own, ever, without Wu or Lu.

We are all off, the LuLuWus, to live in Madison, Wisconsin.  It is all rather exciting but similarly terrifying because how on earth do you pack for a baby for a relocation move! I have spent a good ten years perfecting my own packing for such moves and long trips and I  have yet to get the hang of it. In fact I have, unfairly I think, earned the nickname ‘bag lady’. Now you would think a smaller person would mean less stuff. You would be mistaken. For a very , very small person he has loads of stuff which is currently strewn all over my flat but soon to be, if by some miracle I ever get any spare time, packed up and loaded onto a plane bound for the USA. Now all I have to do is to remember to get the baby and the other Lu on the plane too, although the baby takes precedent over the husband now. The other Lu will have to learn to fend for himself!

It will be sad leaving Glasgow. We have been trying to learn more about the Scottish history and the sayings and tried to get into the Scottish way of life and learn the difference between neeps and tatties; learn what a ‘dolly’, ‘taps aff’, ‘pish’, ‘hoachin’ and ‘ geein me the boak’ mean! We are still trying! I honestly think that Scotland is one of the most beautiful and rugged places I have ever been too and we managed to fit in quite a bit in a year. We had our first Scottish Christmas, first Hogmanay, did lots of visits to castles, tried to bag some Munros, did some Bens, went in search of James Bond’s Skyfall Lodge  and rode in the steamy tracks of Hogwarts Express on the Jacobite Steam Train.

Now all we need to do before we leave is go to Wu’s grandparents for a few weeks, go to France for a couple more, pack up our flat, find somewhere else to live in America for when we move in October – No pressure then! If you need me I will be the one rocking in a corner of a darkened room somewhere surrounded by, or possibly sat in, a cardboard box.


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