A Surprise Night Time Guest

I just realized I never finished the rest of our Asian story, and there was a lot to tell!

We carried on exploring the beautiful island of Boracay with lots of adventures thrown in. We made new friends of all sorts of varieties. Luke even brought one home to bed with him! and no, not like that, and it was definitely more of an uninvited guest! I was introduced to this guest when Luke, and this was in a very brave way as you will see as the story develops, woke me up in the middle of the night and calmly told me to get out of bed slowly. Somewhat confused I did as he asked. He then magnificently leapt from the bed and said there was something crawling on his shoulder. He thought it was a black widow or tarantula. Now any other animal I can deal with this but at the mere mention of the spider species I did what I thought was the most supportive, wifely thing I could do. I hid in the closet and watched through the glass door as Luke began to look in the bed for this unwelcome guest.

Eventually, after having a bit of a pep talk with myself, I decided I had to help, took a deep breath and hesitantly extracted myself  from the closet. I got as near to the bed as I could and then Luke and I moved the mattress a touch. We were greeted with a horrific of sounds of something spiky crawling across the bed frame. Luke was convinced it was the deadly creature’s pincers until we caught a glimpse of it. Yes it definitely was pincers but the crab kind and not the spider kind. This I could deal with. Unfortunately in our surprise we may have dropped the mattress on the crab! However we rescued it and took it outside to the garden. Then in an ungainly fashion legged it back inside. Well, it was a big crab and what if it had friends! or even worse an angry parent. After a thorough search for any said friends or parents the bed was deemed safe and we went back to sleep.

After telling the others about our visitor the day was full of renditions of ‘Under The Sea’, even though Sebastian was not being a crab, and lots of ‘Why Mr Crab, I’ve been expecting you’ (don’t ask).  However, nothing eradicates the memory of an encounter with Mr Crab like the wedding venue having been destroyed by one of the three typhoons to hit the island since we arrived. My brother’s fiance was absolutely amazing, I would have been rocking in a corner somewhere if the venue had to be changed the day before, with a very large drink.  She was fantastically calm, on the surface anyway!

Luckily they came up with the plan to hold the ceremony at the house we were staying in and we spent the evening rearranging furniture and getting it wedding ready. The day was a festival themed success20150711_14262120150711_165213.jpg with the bride looking absolutely stunning in the dress her mum made, my brother scrubbed up quite well too, until we threw him in the pool that is. He got over this when we ventured to the beach for a post wedding bar crawl and brought a brain train. Possibly the most lethal tube of alcohol I have ever encountered! Maybe we should have heeded the signs advice…20150711_222302_hdr.jpg

After the wedding we got to explore the beautiful beach, we visited Real Coffee for breakfast and smoothies.

I had a yummy but very sickly Elvis, which was bananas and peanut butter on fried bread. wpid-20150713_1105082.jpg.jpegI don’t think any amount of swimming would help with that!

We did fit in a day of snorkeling though which was something I have never done and very much enjoyed. The fish and coral were beautiful, even bumping into the beaded sea snake wasn’t so bad until a member of the snorkeling party informed me, as I was floating above the snake, it is one of the most venomous snakes in the world. I tell you what, that really improved the speed of my paddling!

We then had some lovely meals out in the center, to the beach,

lots of corned beef/eggs and / rice for breakfast and lots of trips on the tuk tuk. Although they couldn’t all make it up the steep hill with more than two people in so it was usually a half tuk tuk ride then a  short walk for an unfortunate one.

It was then time to say goodbye to the others as the headed to Vietnam, as you do, and Luke and I enjoyed the last night on the island. This then turned not two nights as I was struck by the most horrible sickness. We even had the Red Cross and doctor out to see me. Luke was amazing trying desperately to get us on a flight to make it back in time for my friend’s wedding at the weekend, whilst looking after me. The plus side was the hotel we had to move to was one of the most beautiful I had ever stayed in. The downside was I was too ill to enjoy it. However, nothing can blight my memories of how beautiful the Philippines is and how lovely the island of Boracay and the people who live there are.

There was just the horrendous journey consisting of two boats, one bus, three planes and one taxi to get home but we made it in time for the wedding and we now can’t wait to go back to Asia.


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