After the excitement of the night zoo it was time to set off on our travels once more. Our group headed separately to the airport, as Luke and I had three house size suitcases to stow away somewhere. We had been warned we wouldn’t be allowed on the boat at the end of our journey, or we would certainly be on the boat by ourselves, if we turned up with unnecessary luggage. I don’t think it was unnecessary but maybe a tad excessive. In our defense, it was the things from the American part of the trip!  Well, that’s the story I am sticking too. It has nothing to do with my reputation of Bag Lady.

After an amazing breakfast of Roti and Chicken Rice we boarded the flight. I am not sure I can go back to porridge now. Alas, I had suffered a very mini personal tragedy as not all my items were boarding the flight with me. It looks like lack of sleep caught up with me and my baby chopsticks ended up in the bin.


I bravely sent Luke to ask the kitchen if they had seen my baby chopsticks. They looked bemused and handed Luke a handful of wooden grown up ones. Not the same. I had managed to take them all around America and Singapore and just when I was getting good I lost them. It was very upsetting but a noisy child on the plane soon turned this upset into annoyance. This wasn’t just child noises. This was screaming at the top of her voice “I hate you” and “get away from me you are not my friend” to her parents. I was so very nearly tempted to shout this back at her but I didn’t think it best.

We were welcomed off the plane and into the Philippines by a very friendly group holding up a sign welcoming us. This has never happened to me before. My brother, who was already on the island, had asked them to help us. We were then all bundled into a minibus, along with the driver’s mother, and headed into the bustling, colorful and somewhat chaotic streets. It was a fascinating journey through different towns and paddy fields. It was also highly entertaining watching my Aunty talk to the driver’s mother, I am not quite sure if they understood each other and there was some snort inducing hilarious confusion caused when my Aunty started telling the mother about my Uncle’s snorkel, don’t ask, but they got there in the end.

We also got there in the end and made it to the boat. I managed to drop my passport along the way but luckily someone gave it back to me (thank god it didn’t go the way of my baby chopsticks!) and we climbed on board a make-shift wooden boat.

20150708_165947 20150708_16595020150708_170003_HDR20150708_170007_HDR20150708_170058

My mum didn’t appear too comfortable with this as she rapidly launched for the nearest life jacket. However the rest of us really enjoyed it as it was a beautiful hop across to the island of Boracay where my brother and his fiance met us, although my brother looked mortified as we all emerged with suitcases and life jackets on. I could have sworn he started to walk away as if to distance himself from us!

Still we all made it onto a beautiful beach and into the waiting minibus, as the heavens opened, and headed to our new home for the week.

20150708_17161120150708_171613(1)20150710_105401 20150710_105404


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