A Walk Amongst Tree Tops

The day started off almost ordinarily with a trip to the shops to find an outfit for the wedding we were going to in the Philippines. Luckily, my sister is a pro shopper and we were done within a couple of hours. We then all went to find some food from the Newton Hawker Centre.

20150707_132526 20150707_132516 20150707_125720 20150707_125539 20150707_125116 20150707_125104

It was amazing and the Chicken Rice was perfect. We decided going to the ones with the biggest queues of locals was our best bet. Although we did get shouted at by a few Hawker Owners who wanted us to come to them. Not quite the softly softly approach.

After stocking up with food it was time to get back to nature with a trip to the Gardens By The Bay. It was absolutely beautiful. Not only was its coolness welcoming, it was filled with vibrant colours, a huge indoor waterfall that you walked around and lots of interesting facts. We then hit the heat again and had a walk amongst the treetops. It was possibly my most favourite attraction of the holiday so far.

20150707_144056 20150707_144820 20150707_144825 20150707_144911 20150707_144913 20150707_145309 20150707_145321 20150707_145619 20150707_150651 20150707_152314_HDR 20150707_152317 20150707_152340 20150707_152348 20150707_152539_HDR 20150707_152629 20150707_152718 20150707_152729 20150707_152539_HDR 20150707_152629 20150707_152718 20150707_152729 20150707_152732

That and our trip to the night safari later. We almost didn’t make it as all the MRT’s were down. Now this is quite an ordinary occurrence in the UK but in Singapore this has never happened before and caused a bit of pandemonium. We decided to get a taxi and got there in record time, a few ‘you have exceeded the speed limit’ warnings may have helped!

We boarded the night safari train and got to see some beautiful animals from Lions to Elephants to walking through the flying foxes cage. It is the only night safari in the world and it was such an amazing thing to do. Even if my sister was at times a little bit blunt, earning her the nickname ‘ Carla Pilkington’. We were all stood looking at an animal and myself and another zoo visitor were saying how cute it was until ‘Carla’ piped up “So it’s basically a rat”. No pleasing everyone I suppose.

20150707_205540  20150707_212020 20150707_21392720150707_210035


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