Singapore Sling

We went for breakfast and then stayed by the refreshingly icy dipping pool until the new additions to the group arrived. We now had eight of us staying in a Singapore before traveling on to the Philippines. We went in search of lunch together and tied it in with a visit to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Two tubes later we were in the beautiful gardens but couldn’t find the café. It was very hot and the new arrivals had just had a very long flight so it wasn’t the best start their trip but eventually we found the café and had some lunch in the beautiful gardens. The gardens were very pretty and they have just been made a UNESCO world heritage site so it is definitely worth a visit. We may just have to be a bit more organised next time so we don’t get lost.

20150706_142640 20150706_155858  20150706_155901  20150706_155905 20150706_155910

After the getting lost horror we went in search of a Singapore sling and there is only really one place to head to for this, Raffles Hotel. Even though the Taxi driver tried to get Luke a new wife, and after a very awkward silence where he summed me up and luckily deemed me ‘a good choice’, we made it. It was very splendid and like taking a step back in time. We headed to the Long Bar and enjoyed a Singapore Sling whilst throwing monkey nut shells on the floor.

20150706_163847 20150706_163848 20150706_163900 20150706_164055 20150706_164056 20150706_164926 20150706_164931 20150706_16504220150706_170013 20150706_172114

All you could hear was crunching every time anyone moved. I may have accidentally swept monkey nut shells all over the person sat next to me but I don’t think they noticed. Well I hope they didn’t!

After our sling time we went back out to the Light Show at the Marina Bay. It wasn’t like any other light show I had seen with images put onto water via lasers to the sound of very moving music. It was very special sat watching that with the Singapore skyline as the backdrop.

20150706_213127 20150706_213130 20150706_213257 20150706_213300 20150706_213342 20150706_213348 20150706_213432 20150706_213527 20150706_21361420150706_212057

What wasn’t as special was the chilli sauce we were given at Chinatown.

20150706_222449 20150706_222014 20150706_222016 20150706_22244620150706_235700

We all very nearly lost our lips and that wasn’t even the dish the server informed us was going to be the hot one! We think she did it on purpose to lull us into a false sense of security as we all had a mouthful of the hottest chilli sauce I have ever tasted. Luckily the rest of the meal was fantastic. It almost helped to douse the lip fire, almost, much to the server’s amusement.


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