Flyer to Bike

Our morning began with a brunch of noodles at the Hawker Centre on Orchard Road, where my trusty ‘beginners’ chopsticks came in handy once again, although I must look very odd whenever I pull these out of my bag! 20150707_125720

The day was then spent wandering by the Marina Bay, seeing the Merlion, enjoying the stunning skyline of Singapore and its harbours by taking a trip on the Singapore Flyer.

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Then very randomly having a go on a 6D ride. I knew we were in trouble when the operator asked us if we liked intense and my sister said yes – there was then six minutes of nervous screaming as we were thrown around a race course.

Well following on with the intense theme we went to Little India for a curry. It was fascinating to explore the area and the food was lovely but enough of the food, I had really come to Little India to explore Mustafa – a place where my other half said you can find absolutely anything you want and never needed. There really was everything from kitchens to make up – luggage to beef and the nectar of the Gods – Marmite. It was all a bit overwhelming but I was pleased with myself for finding a rucksack to take out on day trips. After all, I was determined not to leave the place where you can buy anything with nothing.

Turns out it was a good purchase as we took it on a bike ride the next day. For the bike ride we headed to the island of Pulau Ubin via bus and a bumboat. The boat was a great experience, even if we nearly lost one of us off the back of it when the driver energetically started the engine too soon.

The island itself was absolutely amazing. It’s residents still live how they have always lived and there were lots of people there with the same idea of hiring bikes to explore the island. We got our bikes and after a wobbly start for one of us, which illustrated that the theory you can never forget how to ride a bike is completely inaccurate, and a near collision for me when I got my left and right muddled we were ready to set off. It was a very hot, sweaty and fun experience. The scenery was just stunning and we got to walk to a few viewpoints too. The bike ride was then topped off with a Tiger sat at a table overlooking the water and keeping the crabs in the water tank company. That was until they made someone’s dinner!


We made it back to Singapore to find some biscuits had been left in our room, which was a nice treat.


That evening we enjoyed lovely Italian sat outside on Clarke Quay before we randomly managed to find ourselves in an American Western Country music bar called Dallas! It was almost like being back in America, almost.


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