Welcome to Singapore

So it was now off for the longest flight in the world ever, well the longest to me! I have never been on a flight that long before without changing and I was a bit unsure of how I would take to it. Turns out, extremely well. I enjoyed the dinner, watched some TV, changed into PJs and did a face mask! I did try to sleep, with the help of Jazz and Classical music but it didn’t work – although the music was very pleasant. I think I was put off by the lady behind trying to poke her feet everywhere. They kept appearing down the side of the seat, on the middle armrest, above my hair! She was like a magical contortionist trying to get some sleep. So I barricaded myself in with pillows and the armrest! You never knew where her feet where going to appear next!

We finally arrived at the world’s best airport, it’s official so don’t just take my word for it, and entered Singapore. It was so easy, no queue at immigration control, no wait for the bags, it was effortless and puts all the other airports we have used to shame. We then had ‘Uncle’ (what the taxi drivers are affectionately known as) take us to Lloyds Inn, our hotel for the next five days. It is gorgeous and the staff are so welcoming. The rooms weren’t ready so we had no choice but to head straight to the refreshing dipping pool. It’s a hard life!

My sister and partner  also arrived in Singapore, which meant one thing – feeding time at the Hawker Centre. Now my other half has been going on about his favourite ever meal, chicken rice, from the Hawker Centres for at least four years so I had to see what all the fuss is about. We gathered up a feast, including this treasured dish, and it was amazing. Well worth coming to Singapore for!


After combating jet lag with a nap we headed out to Clarke Quay for a few drinks and went and saw an amazing resident band play at China One – they were amazing! this was then finished off with a trip to the top of Marina Bay Sands to take in the amazing view of the Singapore Skyline, it was beautifully incredible.

wpid-20150703_1336352.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150704_1455282.jpg.jpeg

Although I was worried one of the ‘banned songs’ would come on by accident. My dear husband decided to tell me, whilst stood at the top of the building, if a particular song came on and everyone danced to its’ beat the building would split in half. He has perfect timing.



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