Quick Trip To Mexico

It was a short stay in Mexico in the beautiful Quinta Real in Monterrey. It was a very  posh hotel, maybe a bit too posh as at breakfast every time I moved there was someone to pull my chair out, which was a bit embarrassing especially as I was really wedged between the chair and table and had to make my way out in a very ungainly style.

The hotel was made up of beautiful marble and paintings with a fantastic courtyard.

wpid-wp-1436002543075.jpeg wpid-wp-1436002535044.jpeg wpid-wp-1436002529812.jpeg wpid-wp-1436002524804.jpeg

I just stayed in the hotel for the day and worked overlooking the terrace, perfect!


The next day we ordered room service for breakfast as we thought that would be more comfortable. Turns out I should never fill in the breakfast requests you leave on the door the night before.


We got an eclectic mix of I don’t know what and Luke ended up with some pastries and  not the scrambled egg and bacon he was looking forward to. Whoops!

We then headed back to the airport in the afternoon to start out mammoth journey back to London and on to Singapore. The drive was interesting as it gave me chance to see the stunning scenery.


As well as the stark contrast between our hotel and some the local’s houses. We also caught a glimpse of the slightly intimidating police men who were all in black, even their faces, and standing on the back of a pick up with a machine gun! I decided taking a photo of them was probable not the most sensible thing to do.

We got settled into our flight and made it to Dallas with an extremely tight connection. We then were told we needed to reclaim our suitcase, waited twenty minutes with no suitcases appearing asked again and told they were on the plane already and  were not. With the very likely chance of our suitcases making it back to London and not us we raced to the gate and joined the last group being hurried onto the plane. Not the best way to start a long flight!!


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