Morning Y’all

It was then a very early start, not for a flight, but to revel in the Houston sunrise at the Rice University’s James Turrel’ s ‘Twilight Epiphany’ Skyscape Exhibition. Now we know Houston is famous for its space station but we wanted to see the sky in action at the Skyscape. We gave the car park attendant a bit of a shock as we rode by and causing him to leap out of his chair, well it was 5am! It was then a bit of a struggle to locate the Skyscape until it suddenly appeared, as a beacon in a field nestled between university buildings.20150628_055001~2 20150628_05512120150628_062739~2FullSizeRender 20150628_06273920150628_063221_HDR~2

We headed in, even though it felt a bit like we were about to be beamed up by Scotty, and were surprised to see others joining us on this secret mission. We sat down and looked up through the whole in the roof that perfectly framed the sky. It was the most serene and relaxing experience with the sight of a  beautiful sequence of lights and the sound of the dawn chorus welcoming in the sunrise. What a fantastically unusual start to our Sunday!

20150628_060149~2 20150628_060151_HDR~220150628_062606 20150628_06265620150628_055256~2 20150628_055826~220150628_060923 20150628_060923~2wpid-wp-1435514299055.jpegwpid-wp-1435514310306.jpeg wpid-wp-1435514336189.jpeg wpid-wp-1435514326650.jpeg wpid-wp-1435514318595.jpeg 320150628_06051920150628_062938~2 20150628_063005 20150628_063221_HDR~220150628_062739

We were then off to the airport again, after stopping for the most delicious brunch at Libertys Kitchen and Oysterette.

IMG_0498 IMG_0497 

Here I learnt the secret of beautifully combining Eggs Benedict with melt in the mouth pork belly. The server was lovely and so was the atmosphere. The man sat opposite even shared a golden life hack with me after seeing me struggle to get ketchup out of the bottle – to get the red sauce out of a glass bottle hit the 57, this was however after he had stolen our ketchup but I forgave him as his tip worked! You just tap the little 57 on the side of the bottle and it worked a treat. Now I wonder how I ever got by without it!

It was then to another airport and to get a plane to Mexico. I got a bit worried when they disappeared with my passport without telling me why – was I going to be stuck in Dallas? I began to get a bit stroppy, until Luke mentioned this might not aid my chance of getting into Mexico. Luckily they returned my passport and we, as well as a runaway miniature dog, made it through the rest of security. We got to Mexico and met our driver Jesus who miraculously fitted all of our luggage into his rather small boot and, after a small blip with a tyre, guided us all the way to the poshest hotel I have ever seen. I’m still not sure about it, it half impresses me and half makes me want to head back to a independent boutique hotel or a hostel.




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