The Lone Star State

 We left the airport to the sound of the Dallas theme tune at full blast, courtesy of my not so funny husband, and joined the rest of the massive cars as they headed towards Fort Worth – our home for the next two days. Turns out to be more like a home than we thought as we were given a two bed & bath suite! That will be one room for our luggage and one room for us then.

We also got to explore the Sundance Square, where they were showing a screening of The Lego Movie in the middle of the square. We had a lovely dinner where we were able to skip the queue by eating outside as, we found out , no one was silly enough to eat out in that heat, we literally had to be peeled off the seats at the end! We also had to curb the enthusiasm of the over attentive waiter who kept plying us with unlimited amounts of Diet Coke until we asked him to stop and uncharacteristically begged for no more caffeine! I guess bottomless coke really does mean that.


On a bit of a caffeine high thanks to the Waiter we went and stopped off to mix it up with complete a sugar high thanks to a vat of Frozen Yoghurt. I went a bit over the top and tried all the flavours I could, well how can I decide between Praline, Salted Caramel, Mango and Pistachio? And let’s not talk about the toppings, I shall just leave it at that, but my dentist might not be happy with me on my return…

Our trip to Fort Worth was over and we began to head to Houston. Luke needed to go to a factory first and we thought we had found another Starbucks for me to work from. Unfortunately it appears to have disappeared. There was also an accident causing massive tailbacks, so the only option was for me to stay in the car and wait for Luke, in nearly 100 Fahrenheit and no access to my work. I wasn’t the happiest bunny in the world. However I had a good book and intermittently kept putting the air con, then having the windows down for a bit of sunbathing. It wasn’t too bad but turns out that having the air con on with the engine running won’t kill the battery – wish I had known that before!!

I survived and wasn’t kicked out by security for loitering in a car park. Although a man eating his butties in the car next to me did looked puzzled as to why I would be there, sat in a car, for far too long. I just avoided eye contact and looked like I should be there – I hope! We then set off to Houston. I am beginning to really dislike being in moving vehicles now as I have begun to feel like I am moving even when I am not.  However, I was rewarded with a swim in the outdoor pool surrounded by skyscrapers. It was lovely despite the random bouts of rain, you drive all day in blistering heat looking forward to a swim an it starts raining, typical!.


It was then off to the Galleria to look around. It was full of very expensive shops and then, very randomly, an ice rink. Even more randomly a restaurant I have been wanting to go to for ages – The Rain Forest Café! We got to eat our dinner sat in a rainforest, being watched over by an elephant, overlooking an ice rink in a city experiencing 100 Fahrenheit temperatures. The mind boggles.

20150626_183833~2 20150626_183140~2 20150626_183145~2

The next day consisted of a morning by the pool and then lunch at benjy’s . It was a great atmosphere, lovely staff and a fantastic menu. There was a bit of a taste overload with so many flavours and I would definitely recommend going there for lunch/brunch as the food is amazing.

IMG_0476 IMG_0477

This lunch was followed by a drive through Houston Heights to have a look at houses that make the Prince of Bel Air’s house pale in comparison. They were stunning and it was nice to see a mixture of Texan and American flags out at the front. Luckily, and not for the first time on the trip, I managed to get away with taking a few photos without drawing too much suspicion my way or burly security guards!

20150627_155531_HDR~2 20150627_155555~2 20150627_160309~2 20150627_160345(1)~2

We then managed to out-drive the consistent lightening forks to get to the prize of the day – Sorbet. Although we had to repeat a list of toppings and flavours to the servers. Not because we wanted them but because they wanted to hear what they sounded like in our accents! They especially liked ‘Mango’ and ‘Raspberry’ followed by a quick chat about high tea ( I may have mentioned we have it everyday as a joke but I think thy thought I was serious), then about Bicester and how it sounds like ‘Bister’..I think the sorbet should have been free for that.. Well worth a try.


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