The City of Salt

I have to be honest, there wasn’t the best start to the morning as Luke decided you pour maple syrup all over the waffle making machine thinking it was batter – you can tell how often he cooks! And then proceeded to almost burn it onto the waffle machine. Still, he ended up with a half edible waffle that actually tasted quite nice! Despite receiving a bit of a scolding from the hotel staff and the somewhat crisper bits.

It was then back in the car for a drive across the most gloriously white salt plain as we headed to Salt Lake City.

IMG_0450 IMG_0451 IMG_0453 wpid-20150622_124347.jpg

It really was like driving on another planet with the fields of white stretching out on either side of us. We then arrived back on our planet at the Little America hotel. It was lovely and grand, which was great, the only downside was how long it took us and five suitcases to get to the room. On one particularly tricky flight of stairs a lady walking past helpfully offered the advice to just chuck the suitcase down the stairs. Tempting, but I am reserving that particular move, which happens to be my accidental speciality, for when I am really desperate and no longer like my suitcase. I am not quite there yet but I imagine by the end of this trip that suitcase is getting chucked down any stairs it comes across. Still I was rewarded with a nice coffee from the machine in the room which, due to a really short lead and no plugs at floor level, I really did have to place on a pedestal to make. As it should be.


In the evening we headed to Park City, which is where the ski resorts are based in the winter although it is hard to imagine somewhere so hot having any snow! It was a lovely place to look around with amazing restaurants and buildings. We stopped at Purple Sage and sat outside on a very Provencal looking patio that I want to take back with me if I could, and if I had a garden.

wpid-wp-1435329435140.jpeg wpid-wp-1435329426337.jpeg wpid-wp-1435329414185.jpeg wpid-wp-1435329408870.jpegwpid-20150622_184959.jpgwpid-20150622_184958.jpgwpid-20150622_184953.jpg

It was beautiful being able to see the mountains whilst enjoying the biggest piece of steak I have ever seen and the tastiest meatloaf. We even got warm cornbread to start which Luke annoyingly commented he had never tasted. Despite me making it fairly often for him, which I have a feeling I won’t be doing again in a hurry.

We then headed to another outlet, managing to avoid running over the ‘three blind mice’ in the road much to the amusement of the car coming the other way at our horrified expressions as Luke managed to skilfully avoid the three very fat mice one after the other, to continue with Luke’s quest to have some clothes. He had a bit of a cull during a house move and was a bit too over enthusiastic with what went to the charity store.  We realised this when he could only fill a quarter of a suitcase for a six-week trip, mainly with suits. I do love him more than anything but even I am not keen on the idea of being on long drives and flights with him in the same clothes for six weeks! Nor is my nose.

All stocked up we were off again to another airport where the queue was insufferably long but we managed to grab a quick salad before take-off. We were then stuck in Avis car park for about half an hour in 100 Fahrenheit as the car they gave us wouldn’t let us open its’ boot . Not good for travellers with six suitcases. After pressing all the buttons in and on the car some lovely man came to our rescue and tried to find us a new car. Our eyes lit up as he went over to a Mustang, Dodge and Corvette. Alas, he actually returned with a rather ugly-looking Chrysler. We may not be doing Texas in quite the style I had imagined then!


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