Driving The Nevada Dessert

So it was out of the madness of Las Vegas and into the quietness of the Nevada Desert. We were relatively unscathed from our night in Vegas, relatively, but we may still have stopped for a recovery bagel from Einstein Bros.

It was then out into the Wild Wild West. It was like a dream for me as Little House on the Prairie was always one of my favourite books and I can just imagine the wagons rolling through the desert. Though they may not have had a soundtrack provided by Blake Shelton and the Eagles. Instead all we saw was a few sporadic cars, lots of Cactus and a lot of real life Eagles.

The desert was beautiful and the road we were on stretched out for miles in front of us with the heat, giving it an almost optical illusion shine. It also appeared to be the only place in America the MacDonald’s has forgotten, which is very refreshing.

The drive was relatively straightforward apart from a camper van taking its side of as it passed us. It kept driving so they can’t have liked the van that much! We also managed a few scenic stops so all was going well. That was until Luke piped up with the knowledge that we only had a quarter of a tank left… with quite a bit of the way to go. As we were in the middle of a desert we were slightly concerned about this lack of diesel problem. I tried to remain optimistic. That was untill Luke piped up again with the knowledge that the petrol empty light had just gone on. Sometimes I  just wish that man wouldn’t share knowledge with me! We then sat in silence, in a frosty atmosphere with everything crossed we would make it to wherever the next petrol station was.

wpid-20150621_173005.jpg wpid-20150621_164545.jpg wpid-20150621_164458.jpg  wpid-20150621_165001.jpg wpid-20150621_164443.jpg wpid-20150621_162319.jpg wpid-20150621_162137.jpg wpid-20150621_154834.jpg wpid-20150621_154815.jpg wpid-20150621_172808.jpg wpid-20150621_142527.jpgIMG_0444 IMG_0443 IMG_0442 IMG_0441 IMG_0440 IMG_0439 IMG_0438 IMG_0437 IMG_0436 IMG_0435  IMG_0433 IMG_0431

Thankfully we made it by one mile. It would have been one long hot embarrassing walk for Luke to have done if we hadn’t, and he may never have lived it down. But made it we did and we entered what looked like a horror film set, or possibly the perfect place for a zombie attack.

It was eerily quiet, with lots of shut down businesses, old casinos and stunning murals on building walls illustrating  the towns links to the rail and Gold Rush. I imagine it would have been thriving during the Gold Rush but now? not so much.

However the hotel, La Quinta, was really lovely and we were even given milk and cookies at reception. How’s that for a warm American welcome! We then went in search of dinner. We did try a jail, yes really, but there were no cells free so we ended up going to a Mexican. The food was lovely and the restaurant itself was very quirky. It prepared us for a visit to Mexico next week!

IMG_0447 IMG_0446



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