Running the Golden Gate Bridge for Dim Sum

Luckily we made it to San Francisco, grabbed our bags and headed to the foggy city by the bay in a trusty Kia. The hotel was lovely and, once we finally got past a kid blocking all the elevators for fun whilst his mother let him, we managed to make it to our room. The child almost didn’t make it as a line of angry people formed. The next day was spent packing and unpacking suitcases as both were now overweight…oh dear. Once that was done I managed to do a cycle through the south of France and a trek in New Zealand thanks to the gym. It was very odd cycling through areas I am normally in every summer in France, all the way in San Francisco. Good motivation though!

We got to explore in the evening a little bit and went to the Marina District via Lombard Street and saw the queue of cars waiting to drive down its famous curves, including one with a suspiciously strong herbal smell emanating from the inside along with loud music. I bet they thought they were actually driving on a straight road! All the cars must drive the residents mad but it is an amazingly odd road.

The Marina district is filled with lots of interesting bars and restaurants, where the talk is filled with Tech and Start-ups.


We settled on an American Italian one and got a huge portion of pasta, which stocked us up nicely for the walk back. Walking there and back really was a fantastic way to get to see parts of San Francisco that we haven’t seen yet.

The next morning it was time to put all that pasta to good use with a run up through the parks and over the Golden Gate Bridge, and what a run it was. Sometimes I can’t believe the places I end up and how lucky I am and for any fellow runners this run is definitely one to add onto your running bucket list. Just watch out for people suddenly stopping to take photos or put their arms out under the arches – one lady almost took Luke out but it did give me an opportunity to overtake him so it worked out well for me. It was then a bit of a dash to make it back to the hotel to check out, the run had been a lot longer than we thought due to Luke parking in the wrong place and adding an extra four miles on. Still it helped improve our pace time!


IMG_0330 IMG_0343 IMG_0341 IMG_0338 IMG_0336 IMG_0335 IMG_0334 IMG_0333 IMG_0332

We didn’t make it for checkout time but luckily we weren’t thrown out and they let us have half an hour to pack and have a shower, which was lucky for the rest of San Francisco. After that it was time to hit Chinatown for a well-deserved feast of Dim Sum. We spent a long time walking through the amazing smells and colours which filled the streets of Chinatown in search for a restaurant the hotel had recommended.

wpid-20150620_132741.jpg wpid-20150620_132745_hdr.jpg wpid-20150620_133759.jpg wpid-20150620_133812.jpg wpid-20150620_133919.jpg wpid-20150620_134556_hdr.jpgIMG_0355

We followed Luke’s phone to where it should be and found nothing. Plan B took us back to where we started and to the Great Eastern Restaurant. It was fantastic and we filled up on gloriously fluffy flour pork buns, octopus and duck.

wpid-20150620_135511.jpg wpid-20150620_135828.jpg wpid-20150620_135929.jpg wpid-20150620_140058.jpg wpid-20150620_140252.jpg wpid-20150620_140748.jpg

It was only when we headed back to the car we found the original restaurant we were looking for. Right next to the car park! Luckily I had enjoyed our Plan B lunch otherwise I fear Luke’s phone would not have left San Francisco intact.

We made it to the airport and had time to grab a frozen yoghurt for the plane from Pinkberry. This was after having to, rather embarrassingly, rearrange our luggage on the airport floor after the check in girl had shouted over to me “Lucy you are overweight” – Charming! Still didn’t stop me from having frozen yoghurt though.


It then almost ended up everywhere due to a particularly bad bout of stomach-through-the-floor-whilst-gripping-the-armrest-very-tightly turbulence, causing and a little bit of a yelp from the lady sat in front and nervous laughter from behind. Or it could have been me. Still, as the security man at the airport had said when he checked where we were going, “Good Luck in Vegas” and it appears luck was on our side as we made it through the turbulence, arrived into the 110 Fahrenheit heat and entered the madness that is Las Vegas.



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