Meet Me In St Louis

I am far too used to early mornings, but they are getting a bit of a killer this week. Now my eyes don’t go back to normal size for about two hours! It doesn’t help when I am half sleep and conducting a mad dash to reorganise suitcases for our later flight. For some reason my suitcase has got a lot heavier without me adding anything to it…I blame Luke’s purchases at the outlet, he must have secretly stashed some clothes into my suitcase without telling me. Or maybe it is the half pound bag of chocolate and my stash of Ritz crackers, I just couldn’t resist.

They did keep me going for breakfast in the car on the way to a little district of St Louis where Luke promptly left me in a Starbucks to work whilst he went to a factory. Luckily the lovely people at Starbucks didn’t mind that I stayed for four hours! It was a very cute little village but I couldn’t venture out due to torrential rain so I just set up camp in Starbucks. I didn’t feel too bad about being there so long when another person came in for a couple of hours, brought nothing and got out their own picnic, I mean that is just rude. Maybe a little bit clever and saves a lot of money though.

Finally I was picked up and we went to the airport, Luke decided to take a bit of a tour around and around the airport. Apparently he wasn’t lost but just wanted a really good look at the airport… Eventually we found the rental park and a lovely lady bus driver told me I was sugar and escorted me onto the bus with an umbrella, leaving Luke to get soaked and struggling with four suitcases. Well, really, what is a husband for? Actually I never let him carry any of my stuff but the bus driver wouldn’t let me help so I just went with it. I’ve learnt that you never argue with the driver, ever, unless it’s my mum driving (sorry mum).

We were delayed, surprisingly enough, on yet another journey so we went and found some food. I ordered a chicken salad thinking it would be lovely and light. To my dismay it was a buffalo salad and hotter than the sun so I couldn’t eat most of it. My hot food days were ended after a few months of really enjoying jalapeno peppers, too many of them I think. After the devil’s salad we then had to face the fiery wrath of the air hostesses, along with the other passengers, who had enough of pleading for people to check in their hand baggage and threatened us with long delays until twenty people had given up their carry-on bags. We had already relinquished ours but no one else wanted to so the very frazzled air hostess become more of a teacher/ parent. With a tone laced with frustration and dripping in disappointment she informed us that, as nobody else had stepped forward, all the people last on the plane would have to check in their hand luggage so they may as well do it now or delay the entire plane. Ouch.


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