A Lake Shore Run and Shopping the Magnificant Mile

It was an incredibly early start as one half of the LuLus was off to catch the redeye to Boston and the other one, which was luckily me, was off to join the rest of the runners on the Lake Shore Drive along Lake Michigan. There was a bit of a minor, and completely unnecessary, detour through an underground car park where I got lost for twenty minutes. I hadn’t realised you could cross over ground and there was no need to go through the car park in the first place! I finally emerged, a little bit bewildered, back into daylight and headed to the space museum. I almost made it around the museum too but an energetic wave came a little bit too close to me so I wimped out and watched other braver runners go by, and luckily return. It gave me a chance to marvel in the amazing Chicago skyline. It really is one of my favourite skylines in the world, so far, with the contrast of water, boats, green park and beautifully designed skyscrapers.

wpid-wp-1434642873368.jpeg wpid-wp-1434642865826.jpeg wpid-wp-1434642886104.jpegwpid-wp-1434642858696.jpegwpid-wp-1434642847837.jpegwpid-wp-1434642759143.jpeg

It was then back to the hotel through Millennium Park, where I saw a really cute dog completely ignoring its owner and looking intently at something in the park on the other side of the road. Well, it was cute until it pelted out across the five lanes of traffic with the owner screaming and running in its wake. Luckily, and I don’t know how, the dog survived to get the biggest telling off by its owner I have ever seen. So with the dog owners shouts ringing in my ears, and undoubtedly her dogs, I sped off and snuck into the back entrance of the hotel to avoid walking across the main lobby with my beetroot coloured face.

The day was then mine and Chicago was my oyster. I started by catching up on work in the most welcoming and interesting hotel lobby I have seen for a while. It had lots of different styles of chairs, blankets, table and fireplaces but has still kept true to its past. It really was a delight to work there. I also got to use my cute coffee token at the milk bar for a quick caffeine fix. Although the server also brought me over a menu saying she thought I might like something else. Thinking she meant breakfast I had a quick look to find it was the bar’s cocktail and hard liqueur menu – it was only 9 in the morning! Maybe all the delays have taken more of an impact than I thought!

I then began my meandering along the Magnificent Mile


which included a stop in my favourite shop along there called Crate and Barrel – now all I need is a house and a garden in America….I’m working on it. I also got to visit Ghiradelli for a dark chocolate with sea salt fix. I only chose four squares and somehow got talked into getting a half a pound bag as it works out cheaper… so I ended up with about 20 squares. No idea how that happened, it’s puzzling how someone could so easily talk me into buying even more chocolate, they just must have been really, really, really, really persuasive.

They did prove a hit with the other Lu on his return from Boston, so I guess it was a good choice, but we saved them for later and went to a really nice, lively restaurant next door to the hotel where I finally was reunited with Prosecco again, after it not being on any of the previous menus. There are rumours on the grapevine there may be a shortage of Prosecco soon. I feel really guilty about that.


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