Beginning of Summer

We began our long drive to the south of France with an overnight stop in Canterbury first. It looks like a delightful city jam-packed with history. I wish we could have spent longer there but unfortunately, due to a very unusual occurence with a man stopping in the fast lane and causing an hour delay, we didn’t have enough time. We were staying in the Cathedral Gate and were greeted by a very friendly and helpful, if not somewhat dopey, receptionist but it was very late so I don’t blame him! The bed and breakfast was a very cute, old, creaky and windy bed and breakfast. The receptionist even got up at five in the morning and delivered our breakfast to us! This definitely made up for the odd, almost extra teressitereal glow coming from the permanent fire light on the ceiling! I kept wondering when the aliens were going to come and take us away but, thankfully, we survived the night.

It was a very early start, accompionied by lots of tiredness, to make sure we made our ferry to France. Luckily, it wasn’t jam-packed with school children this time. Although I did spot a few Scouts loitering around!

Amazingly we made it out of Calais in one go. Usually it takes quite afew wrong turns before we can ever find our way completely clear of the ferry port, which saved lots of arguments about which way to turn.

It was then a long way down to Annecy, but I didn’t mind as I got to tick another thing of my life list by driving in France and in the process giving my parents a few days of worry! However, my passenger felt so comfortable that he even went to sleep! So, although my family were worried all day because I don’t exactly know my left from right, I was absolutely fine! Maybe not knowing my left and right puts me on the correct wavelength for French driving?

Luckily there were no mishaps on the journey but we did arrive at the scene of quite a bad accident, which had just happened. Thankfully everyone, who were still in the vehicles, appeared to be fine but it was upsetting to see all their luggage strewn across the motorway. There was also people helping and a woman telling her husband off for standing in the middle of the motorway waving a hazard flag, I thought it was quite brave!

We cleared the accident and continued on our way to Annecy. It was so beautiful when we got there and we just had to go straight out and explore the lake,. We also saw a tango festival and squeezed ourselves into the most charming restaurant for a bowl of Moules and frites accomplished by an unconventional glass of red. The food was lovely and we spent the meal, as did our fellow diners, watching a poor swan trying to work out how to get up a waterfall to join the rest of the groups who were waiting for it. I have no idea how it got separated but it sounds like something I would end up doing, being on the wrong side of the waterfall! Eventually the group came back down and joined the swan so it was a happy ending.

We then meandered back to the hotel via the castle and lake with a cheeky cone of sorbet. It really is a bustling , lively and beautiful city.










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