NYC – Day Two

Up early again as we had a lot to do. The first thing was to get to The Intrepid. Following the masses of dog walkers, some with about ten pampered pooches each, we journeyed through central park.


After a quick stop at Starbucks, we made it to The Intrepid.


It is a famous aircraft carrier docked in the Hudson and Luke was in his element with all the planes to look at and lots of areas of the aircraft carrier to explore. He seemed to turn in to a child as he raced around looking at all the planes. I left him to it!

All the exploring made us rather hungry so we jumped in a yellow cab and headed to Chinatown.



It was fascinating with lots amazing smelling food and quirky products. There was lots of mouth-watering smells coming from the restaurants and we headed to the oldest dim sum parlour in New York – The Nom Wah Tea Parlour.


I think we may have been a little bit over enthusiastic with our ordering as we wanted to try bits of everything! We ordered lots of pork filled dumplings, dim sum, rice and bits. We sat at a table which could easily have seated six people and the table was covered with food! We didn’t manage to eat everything but we made a good effort.


It was all so tasty and the staff were really welcoming. I didn’t want to leave, especially as we had dim sum left, but we had to if we were going to make our tour around the United Nations headquarters. We headed to the subway and , with heavy hearts, we left our dim sum behind.


Coming from a Politics background, I found the tour fascinating. There was high security, and we even got escorted to the bathrooms, but the guide was really informative and we got to sit in all the council’s meeting rooms. It is a beautiful building and I would recommend the tour to anyone who visits NYC.


We then headed to Grand Central to have a look, although the amount of police surrounding it was a little disconcerting, but it was worth it as no matter how many times you go, it is hard not to be impressed by the building.



It was time to go and get some frozen yoghurt from  The Yoghurt Culture shop. I made all the staff laugh, and was even asked to repeat my order, as I asked for a mango and chocolate chip topping. I thought there was only one way to say mango but apparently not! I think to them it sounded like “Maaan- gooooo”. Still tasted the same though!


The evening was spent at Madison Square Gardens watching an Ice Hockey Game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the NYC team. It was a great game, not too many fights , and the crowd were really great. At one point a Toronto fan sat in front of us and the people sat next to us turned and asked: “Who does this guy think he is?” To which we replied, “I am sorry we are British”, effectively stopping any further conversation in its tracks. NYC lost the match, and we missed the goals they did score because of the temptation of the junk food on offer meant we were too busy eating in the foyer rather than sat watching the game.


It was a great way to spend an evening, finished off with a spot of shopping at Times Square.


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