MiniMoon Day One

Starting the first day in style we ordered room service for breakfast. It was a delicious concoction of egg white omelettes, blueberry pancakes and potatoes.I was just really impressed with the mini bottles of tabasco and maple syrup. Easily pleased!

1941386_10152275900294621_1085687210_o 1888908_10152275900289621_621229476_o

We spent the day walking down 5th Avenue, oddly being followed by this van! We saw it everywhere but, thankfully, it turns out to be part of a chain and not some stalking van!


Our walk included lots of stop offs at Apple,




Tiffanys (although I didn’t really find anything there and , much to Luke’s horror, I informed the sales person the bracelets were nice except for the Tiffany written on them!! I really must remember to think before I speak), Macy’s and we then ended up at our old haunt Best Buy. This was a blast from the past as we used to go all the tie when we lived in Indianna. However, we also realised that Luke had left his wallet in another shop. Oh no! We raced back and asked the cashier ladies. Luckily, someone had found it! Unluckily, they had taken it with them and left a contact number. Fortunately, after a phone call, we met up with the wallet saviour, who turned out to be a lovely Russian lady, and we were off on our way.


We headed to Times Square and realised we were really hungry. We thought, why not, lets go touristy and headed into Planet Hollywood as I had never been. I realised why I had never been as we quickly made a swift exit before any servers came over. It was a horrible, sparse atmosphere! Thankfully, we located another touristy spot – The Hard Rock Café.


Yes, the food wasn’t out of this world, and Luke was horrified by the calorie information on the menu, but the atmosphere, music and staff were great. So that was one touristy thing for the day we managed to tick off.

We then headed to the High Line and spent the next few hours meandering along the old train line.


It was a lovely way to explore different areas of the city and see lots of interesting sights from a different viewpoint. We then decided to head back.

We stopped off at the shop and stocked up on our favourite goodies like pretzels, Ritz crackers and peanut butter biscuits. Just to be healthy, we got a salad as well and had a picnic back at the hotel.


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