Back to the Big Apple

The LuLus were headed back stateside again! Finally, as we both had missed it, and this time it was for the rather special occasion of our ‘mini-moon’. What better place the New York City? We just had to get there first.

We arrived at our first airport, having skilfully negotiated our bits of uneven height luggage through various car parks, rather than getting the more relaxing method called the bus, and headed straight for check in. Unfortunately, the airlines don’t appear to upgrade you if you are on your honeymoon anymore! No matter how much you not-so-subtly flash your wedding rings around. Oh well, still, we got to go into the SAS Lounge as Luke’s excessive travelling has gained him zillions of air miles, which means he has earned prestigious gold card. Apparently they are like Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket to business travellers as they are all after one and try to get on as many flights as they can to be handed this elusive, shiny card.

We stocked up on bubbly and a bacon sandwich, yes they have those in the posh lounge too!10014791_10152275897464621_815968868_o

It was then time to head to the plane, quick change in Frankfurt and then onto the longer flight. Now, even though I travel quite a bit, I still get quite impatient much to the amusement of Luke. Once I had watched more films than I wanted, briefly delighted in the excitement of plane food and also managed to walk in on a male Air Steward in the toilet (yes, really, and I don’t know who was more embarrassed!) I began to get a bit bored.

Luckily there was lots of interesting bumps, which I hope was turbulence, towards the end of the flight so that kept me somewhat unhappily distracted. However, if I thought it was a success that I just about kept my paitience on the flight it was nearly snapped after trying to enter the USA. My word! Not only was there a two hour queue at the beginning, but all we could hear was the American news channel discussing the Russian crisis in the way only American news channels report things…. for two hours. Finally we made it to the rather grumpy, scary looking security guard only to be told we now needed to be escorted into another room. Never something you want to hear them say! Maybe it was a surprise welcome for our honeymoon? Perhaps there was a welcoming party with flowers and champagne?

As it turns out it wasn’t anything as nice. It was just another hour spent in a separate room with huge desks, lots of massive gun carrying guards and a group of other people from all over the world just waiting to be allowed into the USA, or sent back. Not the best start to our mini-moon I can tell you. I then really had to restrain myself from looking evilly at the guards, or from stamping my fee,t as according to Luke I revert to this childish habit when my patience runs out. It was even harder to keep quiet when they informed us it was just because Luke worked in America before and they had introduced a new stamp, after he had left, which he now needed. What was worse was I didn’t even need to be there! but I thought I would be a good wife and stand by him. I also thought abandoning the new husband just a few days after the wedding wouldn’t look good, no matter how enticing New York City is.

Luckily, for Luke, we finally got out of the airport and headed, in a rather fast swerving taxi, to the decadent Surrey hotel where a bottle of champagne and some macarons from a local bakery (Dana’s Bakery) had been left as a welcome present.



This, and the gorgeously tasty room service that came hidden under sliver lids, along with miniature bottles of ketchup, definitely made up for any airport delays!


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