Journey to Oktoberfest! First stop – Munich

With our suitcases packed we descended on the airport ready to take our flight to Munich. The first task was trying to park the car and navigate our way out of the carpark! We did decide to try to walk out after we couldn’t find the bus. Then it became apparent where the missing bus was, behind us of course! and we just happened to conveniently locate the bus just as we had passed the first stop. It was then a dash to the next stop to make it on the bus this time much to the amusement of the bus driver, and the other passengers who had just driven past us, as he asked us if we didn’t fancy walking then! Oh well, it could only get better we thought until we tried to get into the main bit of the airport. Before we could do this we were herded through security; we all set off the alarms; we then had to stay in the limbo area, which was essentially a glass box, with a lot of other people (oddly enough mainly women), I then made the security guard laugh at my ‘trendy’ (her words not mine) odd socks. It is not my fault that I can never find matching pairs! It is all thanks to an unknown sock thieve who never takes a complete pair of socks but just the odd one. Finally my friends, myself and my odd socks we were accepted into the airport.

We then joined the noisy throngs of stag and hen parties having a quick drink. It turned out the drink was not as quick as we thought, which we realised as we almost missed the final call for our flight. Thankfully it wasn’t a long run to our gate and we were able to start settling down into our seats whilst being amused by our fellow passengers. Including a stag dressed as a Disney fairy princess, he even had the cone shaped hat to match. I am not quite sure how he managed to get through security with that! Everyone was in a good mood on the flight, which proved to be a good thing as one of my friends was still struggling to find any space for her bag. She thought a fellow passenger had been gentlemanly and opened the overhead locker to show her an available space. It was only after she had tucked her bag neatly away that she realised he wasn’t being gentlemanly at all but had wanted the space for his own bag, which now had nowhere else to go. There was an awkward pause as the gentleman and myself stared between my friend, both their bags, and the previously unoccupied overhead locker, before deciding on the appropriate response. Thankfully he, and the rest of his rather rowdy group, found it hilarious! We could hear them laughing about it for the majority of the flight!

There were no more mishaps and we made it safely onto the train. This took us through the lovely countryside, into the suburbs before entering the heart of Munich. There was then a bit of a challenge as we tried to leave the station. We went to one exit but the stairs only went down. We tried another way and found a lift. There wasn’t enough room so we waited for it to come back. When it did we were a bit confused as it contained the same people who had just left in it. We were a little puzzled but managed to squeeze into the lift this time. It was then clear why the people were still stuck in the lift. No one knew how to leave it! We went up and down more times than we wanted to before we heard an English voice pipe up in the far corner with “oh, are you trying to leave the station as well” and we thought he might be able to help until he followed with “me too but I have no idea how to!”. We finally worked out that noone had pressed the top floor yet so we gave that a go. Much to our relief we made it to the surface where we met our friends at Marienplatz and headed to one of the girls lovely flat.

It was a lovely walk to the flat. Germany has the amazing knack of being able to be trendy and bustling in some parts and then if you just wander off a little bit you can find beautifully tranquil parks. Well, they were tranquil until our group wander through them nattering all the way.

The night was finished with a quick walk whilst enjoying Munich architecture by night.


This walk then ended with possibly the world’s largest pizza in a very trendy Italian.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t as trendy as I tried place my order in bumbling German before retreating and asking my friend to help me by ordering for me. She then proceeded to order in perfect English so the waiter must have thought I was a little odd, or mute. Oh well, the meal was lovely and with doggy bags in tow we stopped of for an evening drink and ice cream before heading back to the flat.

photoWe needed to make sure we had enough sleep in preparation for the opening day of Oktoberfest!


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