The French Way

The storms subsided and we enjoyed BBQ‘s, swimming and we even ventured out to the coast. Here we got to paddle and watch the world go by, well lots of people splashing around.

photo photo

I can’t think of a more perfect way to finish trip to the beach than with a humongous dish of mussels and giant chips! accompanied by wine, and some huge puddings for some, of course.

photo photo

This ‘huge’ theme continued as we explored the night market and came across giant versions of pick’n’mix favourites.

Feeling rather huge ourselves, we began the bendy journey back to the house. In fact, it was so full of corners that we began to regret eating so much! However, we are on holiday and it was mussels by the sea so it would have been rude not to.

We made it back just in time to see a fantastic display of fireworks from the neighbouring town without even having to leave the balcony! photo photo

It was then a jam-packed day of doing nothing but sunbathing (which resulted in peculiar tan marks amongst the group), swimming (with the use of much-loved woggles!) and BBQ’s, with the occasional rumble of thunder and visits from lizards.

We eventually did venture out of the house to a local restaurant. At first it looked like it may have been a trucker’s stop with some dubious artwork displayed. However, the waiter was lovely and with our knowledge of French and his of English we managed to have a fantastic meal of Plat de Jour’s and had a lovely evening.


It was off to the local bakery in the morning to join the massive queue of locals to make sure we stocked up on gorgeous, warm, freshly baked bread and croissants. It was hard not to devour them on the walk back but , as the others were eagerly awaiting our return, we didn’t think they would be best pleased.


As only two of us went, we treated ourselves to a coffee in the local bar and it really is a treat to have a cup of French coffee in the morning. photo

We refrained from what the locals were having as, at eight in the morning, it was a little bit early for us to have beer! Although I did have a sneaky suspicion the women were the ones queuing for bread as the men drank the beer but it was so nice to watch all the locals catch up with each other and chat over fresh bread and beer. It was then a lazy day and, as we said goodbye to two guests, we awaited the arrival of an imminent storm but instead (so far) we have been treated to a gloriously fiery sunset.


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