We settled in pretty quickly and we did a trip to the huge supermarche – Carrefour. It was ginormous and once we were able to work out the trolley system, whilst having to restrain myself from choosing the kid size trolley complete with a flag, we stocked up on all the necessities and enjoyed our first evening. The next morning it was time for my first challenge. I managed to defeat a long-standing arch rival – the huge hill near the house which I was unable to run up last time. This time, thankfully, I was successful and was rewarded with stunning scenery. photophoto However, I did amuse the rubbish collection van as for some reason  whenever I was at a road crossing there they were! By the end they were laughing to themselves, or probably at me, as they waved me across the road. I did think I should have stuck a GB sticker on my rucksack so it would explain why I was running around when everyone else was too sensible for that sort of activity.

We then collected my parents from Nice airport, well I sent Luke to get them as I was busy preparing the birthday lunch for my mum. It was lovely when they arrived and we got to enjoy the house a bit more and had a tasty supper by a magically lit garden.

    photo There was an odd moment when we could just hear something tapping and crawling around the roof but we tried to ignore my dad’s suggestions that it could be a Raptor and carried on enjoying our drinks. We made it safely through the night, without any surprise Raptor guests, although the neighbours dog did come to visit! It went away again as soon as it had got what it wanted, a tummy tickle. What a nice life, I bet it does the rounds around all the houses, gets some attention and then trots off home.

    The next day it was then back to the airport to collect my sister and her boyfriend. However, I had almost wished that I hadn’t accompanied Luke due to the traffic and then the minor incident where Luke nearly ran over an unsuspecting tourist. I don’t know who was more surprised, us or the man as he had to run across the crossing. I definitely think I should have stayed at home but it was worth it as we collected the next lot of house guests and, baguette in tow, headed back straight into the pool. This was a little short-lived as we saw dark clouds rolling in, the birds started flying around noisily and the air grew close. photo We were just debating whether we should leave the pool when thunder and lightning started up. It was then all hands to the deck to secure everything, take everything in and try to work out exactly how to put the huge umbrellas down. Luckily, my sister and her boyfriend managed this although there was one precarious moment as the were stood holding a pole above their heads, on a metal chair, during an imminent lightning episode. Luckily, it didn’t appear to be a lightning conductor!

    We were then able to enjoy our first BBQ , photo

    under cover,

    whilst watching amazing fork lightning. France really does know how to do storms, just like their wine and cheese in a spectacular fashion!


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