Preparing For Summer Holiday

For some reason, whenever I go away it turns into a bit of a test of my organisational skills and ends up being more of an operational exercise. Luckily , I am quite organised. Although, maybe too much as I pack something for every eventuality. Unluckily, I am partnered with the most ‘ I will leave it until an hour before we leave to pack’ sort of man. Well, they do say opposites attract but still this manages to cause a bit of tension as my suitcase is packed and zipped up a few days before, whilst his lays barren until he can’t stand my nagging anymore.

This time around I have deployed a different tactic. Rather than living up to my nickname ( The Bag Lady ) I have only used half a suitcase by planning basic outfits that can be rotated throughout the holiday. I am rather pleased with myself I have to say and I think not only did I surprise myself, but Luke looked shocked. I think he may be a bit annoyed that he now had lost his usual rebuttal to my nagging about his delayed packing. It usually starts with me asking when he is going to pack and then he replies with a comment about the amount I pack, and the amount of bags I carry with me everywhere, despite having travelled a lot on all sorts of journey. I am rather ambitiously aiming to be able to just travel with a rucksack in a few years. It may take a bit longer than that, but I can just imagine how impressive it would be. However, I am also in search of a Mary Poppins bag at the same time to help me achieve this so I am not sure this particular aim will happen. Unless anyone knows of a few spare ones around?

So for this journey we have moved on from the usual stresses of packing to the travel. I had thought we had everything booked and were flying straight to France, instead of similar huge drives over a short space of time. Skip forward to a few days before we leave and Luke, along with his newly acquired huge bike box that is a similar size to a small person, and we have had to rethink. There was also the small factor of Luke’s new car as well. This all made Luke miraculously think it would be better to drive to France now. I wonder why!

So with less than twenty-four hours to go the bike box is securely in the car but Luke hasn’t begun packing yet, although he keeps telling me not to worry! Instead I am safe in the knowledge that, not only have I packed enough sun cream to last months, despite how ridiculously expensive it is, I have also got enough car goodies ranging from sunflower seeds to Percy Pig Tails to feed a small army. Even better is that I have created an amazing (well, I think it is pretty good) Spotify soundtrack to ensure that the journey will go smoothly – I hope! Well no one can grumble at Abba, Bon Jovi, Blake Shelton, U2, Rage Against The Machine, Passenger and Taylor Swift, to name but a few included in my eclectic mix. If they do I will just turn it up louder!

Next challenge is to prepare the packed breakfast of bacon sarnies and to get on the road super early to make our next stop – Dover! That is of course if Luke ever begins to pack…..


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