Preparing for Copenhagen!

We had a rare glimpse of summer the other weekend, before the rain descended for days and days! I suppose a weekend of sun will have to do for now. We were able to actually wear summer clothes and have the first BBQ, which may well be the last time we can do either in this country. Still, Norway has snow so at least I was warmer than Luke! It’s the small things. The BBQ was fantastic, I have always thought it is much nicer eating


outside! I also got to make a new cupcake for my dad’s birthday – Carrot Cake Cupcakes.  They actually turned out fairly nice , if not a little carroty but I guess that goes with the recipe. They proved too much for my sister’s not so vegetable-liking Boyfriend. Luckily, my sister had supplied a back up smarties cake. What he did like though was his own birthday day out in Manchester at the Northern Quarter‘s street party. It was lovely and lively. Lots of music, eating, drinking and dancing. The streets were packed with lots of people pretending it was summer despite the grey skies and it being a bit chilly. Oh well, I guess that is what the drinks and dancing were there to help with!

I am now struggling to pack for my trip to Copenhagen, in between looking after an excitable puppy and my parent’s dog. I am beginning to feel like a female, British version of Cesar Milan (the dog whisperer) as I stroll down to the field with the two dogs, treat bag attached to my jean belt hoop and poo bags in my back pocket. Well, in my own head I was like Cesar. In reality I am far from being a dog whisperer as my dogs don’t behave as if I am a whisperer, they don’t even blink an eye if I talk loudly at them let alone whisper. Also, a ‘stroll down’ might be pushing the truth just a little bit and where Cesar can make it look effortlessly glamorous to herd a dozen dogs by himself, I still cannot make the whole treat bag, poo bag, straggly look even contain a smidgeon of glamour, especially when I am the one being herded to the field. The older one had a great time getting her own back at Peppa for stealing her toys, her bed and her humans. I could just imagine how she was teasing Peppa by running up to her and nudging her then running across the field in a kind of ‘haha you can’t catch me 20130530-225845.jpg

as you are on a lead’ sort of way.  Well it is only fair I suppose. The difficult bit is when I give a command to one and they both fall over themselves trying to respond at the same time. I often get the older one bringing the ball back when I have asked Peppa too and vice versa. I am yet to let Peppa off the lead as she can get distracted and not worked out recall yet although ,like with Luke ,all I would have to do is shout ‘dinner’ and that soon gets their attention. Still I survived the first trip on my own to the field intact and, more importantly, both dogs came back. I am not so sure that ‘Hi Mum and Dad, good holiday? oh yeah I sort of lost your dog as well as my own, whoops!’ would go down very well or be a particularly nice welcome home present. I think I will stick to simply offering them cheese on toast and a cup of tea instead.

I suppose all the dog malarkey is just an excuse really as I am hopeless at packing and end up looking like a bag lay whenever I go anywhere, even if it just for an hour! You would think the amount I travelled I would be a pro by now but alas, I am still hopeless. I have just about squeezed everything into a carry on bag as I have decided no matter how much it would make my packing easier I hate waiting for baggage at airports, or anything for that matter, so a carry on bag will just have to do. This time I have made sure it will fit so I will not get evil glares from the air hostesses as they look at my bag in disbelief that I was allowed it on as a carry-on bag, before swiftly remove it to cargo. Shame is not a word I use often but that definitely describes the feeling brought on from that part of the journey.

Now all I need to make sure is that I have my passport ready, and not shoved into my bag so that I have to unpack on the airport floor just to find it, and that I haven’t forgotten any sharp objects, like a wine bottle opener, are still in my bag this time and I am good to go I think! Well , once I get my ticket that is as that may be quite an important thing


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