Peppa The Pig Or Panda?

What a whirlwind the last couple of weeks has been! We arrived home, with some Bausemums in tow to spread the addiction, and it was lovely to be back. It was also a relief to see our house still standing (phew! so I hadn’t left the oven or straighteners on).

We got over the journey my way, which was possibly not the most relaxing. Whilst Luke wanted to take it easy I decided to invite family over and cook them sunday lunch. Well, I might have got Luke to cook the sunday lunch. I just ran around the house with a duster, hoover and mop as I rearranged furniture to make sure everyone had a seat even if they were wobbly ’emergency chairs’. I thought it seemed a bit unfair, as I had to keep a firm grip on the table in case my chair collapsed, that my parents’ dog had the best seat in the house! However, the food was scrumptious and Luke, somewhat surprisingly, outdid himself. It was certianly a nice way to get used to being home. It was so nice in fact that I will be sticking around a bit longer than Luke for my work and I can commute to Norway. Not a bad life! I get to choose when to go over and this maybe when it is warmer. There just so happens to be the Norwegian food festival in summer. Perfect!

This also meant we could get another addition for the family in the form of a mini panda called Peppa. Well, she is actually a collie disguised as a panda at the moment. A lovely fat panda. Well she is lovely most of the time but I have now spent all my time- even all through the night- following her around with kitchen roll armed with a disinfectant and anti-chew spray. I am like a highly trained agent. Trained in cleaning up poop. How glamorous!

I do worry my neighbours think I may have had a turn and are almost avoiding me. In their defence all they will see is me wandering about the garden, holding a blue lead, appearing to talk to myself, looking bedraggled and once ( by accident as I hadn’t realised) blindly staggering about in the early hours of the morning in my pyjamas. Whoops! One even commented that I looked well, in a concerned wary way, when we had our usual chat over the garden fence. I have made a note to now carry the puppy, very prominently, so that they know something is actually attached to the blue lead!

Although, at the rate she is growing they will be able to see her soon! I did get a bit of a shock when I found she had managed to get up to the third step as I almost stood on her. There is now an assortment of furniture dotted around the house in strange places to stop her from going anywhere she can cause mischief. The post lady certainly looked a bit bemused as I clambered over a footstool, underneath a lamp and moved an upturned bench to answer the door. I explained about the puppy and she gave me a knowing nod. Alas, the odd furniture arrangements don’t seem to be working. It turns out, she can skilfully jump over a bench, leap (or elegantly roll) off steps, crawl behind her den, tangle herself up in curtains and go under cupboards. I am slowly getting her trained to avoid any mishaps. So far we have sit, paw and ‘come here’ sorted (unless she gets too excited and takes a flying leap at me instead of sitting). Now all I have to do is apply the same techniques to Luke and see if I can’t get him trained as well!










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