The Perfect Kidnap

As Norway approaches my wonderful sister and mother decided to kidnap me for the day. I began to get a little bit worried about what they may have in store for me as I was given a time to meet them, in order to go to our first destination, without any clue for what was in store. Had they decided to do something drastic and bungee jump from somewhere? or possibly base jump off the Manchester Hilton? Whilst I am absoultely positive that this would make me remember both Manchester and the day, though possibly not in the best light, I remembered that there would probably never ever be the slightest chance my mum would be going to the top of any tall buildings in order to parachute off them, or was there? It was quite a relief when we boarded nothing more frightening than a train which took us to our first destination. This just happened to be The Richmond Tearooms, somewhere I have been wanting to go to for ages.

I wasn’t disappointed as we left the surreal world of clubbers being ushered out of a hidden club at ten in the morning (ten! I am getting old, there is no way I could stay out that long anymore!) and entered the lovely , almost time-capsule like, tea rooms. Think mad hatters tea party, birds and English things and that is almost what the inside is like. It is hard to describe as it was just lovely. I was even more thrilled as we were allowed to sit on the comfy seats at the back.


Nothing is worse than going to a lovely cafe/ restaurant and being plonked in the middle of the room where you can’t relax or feel comfortable. It was lovely and the staff were great.



We had real door-stopper toast and lovely Eggs Benedict.



We somehow managed to sneak in a cheeky peach Bellini as well . Perfect!


It was a lovely, decadent way to sped the morning and I highly recommend it!

It was then off to the cinema and I didn’t find out the film we were watching until it started, although I had suspected it wouldn’t be the 3D version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre! It turned out to be The Quartet (phew) which had a great cast and a poignant storyline. It was then home for more drinks, food (including homemade Toy Story cupcakes) and films.


Great way to send one of my last days and was the perfect kidnap! I feel very spoilt to have such a wonderful sister and mother.


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