Crafty Event

My reputation as a crafter seems to have preceded me and I recently received some information, from a family friend, about a ‘Meet The Crafter’ event. Naturally, I leapt at the chance to do anything crafty or learn more skills. As I eagerly awaited the day for meeting the crafters Luke began to squirrel away any item of clothing, or treasured possession, for fear of what I may turn it into when I got home from the event. As it turns out he was wise to do this as I learnt how to use ties, cards, socks and clothes in ways I had never thought of. This included snake shaped draught excluders made from ties, decorations made from tiny circles of Christmas cards and of course, cushions.

I was bundled off to the event with my American patchwork quilt in tow as something to show at the ‘make and tell’ themed session, which made me feel a little bit like I was on my way to primary school and I began to wonder where my rucksack and lunchbox were. I arrived and was welcomed into the beautiful Whitworth Gallery by a friendly receptionist who looked like he had spent the majority of the morning showing people where to go for the craft event. I was able to tell my left from my right and navigated myself through the beautiful gallery and upstairs where I was greeted by a swarm of red t-shirt clad people.



It was then coffee time and I, somewhat awkwardly, stood and watched all the guest crafters set up their tables as other participants milled around or chatted. Thankfully there were other people on their own and this proved a great conversation starter. We were introduced to all the guest crafters, by the weather presenter from the local news, these crafters included- Folksy, Rubbish Revamped,  made at green view  and Pebble Blossom. There were many more fantastic crafters and it was great that they had been invited to help with the event. It was fascinating to hear about how they got into craft and were able to make a great career from it. I think it helps that they are all so passionate about their craft.

Then it was time for a quick whistle stop tour, and it was quick, around the crafters tables. You had seven minutes at each table and as soon as the tambourine jangled you had to move to the next table. It was a mixture of speed dating and musical chairs, all you needed was a pass the parcel game thrown in and you had the perfect party. This speediness meant it was a fantastic way to meet all the guest crafters and enjoy the variety of their skills. There was lots of tips and ideas for crafting projects and business from making blinds, pin cushions, recycling household items and creating instruments from fabric. All of the guest crafters were very friendly, inspiring and informative. It would be great to set up a craft business. However, I don’t think Luke would appreciate the cottage being turned into my ‘craft space’. His feet have only just recovered from the accidental needles left in my wake whilst I was happily quilting. He now dives for his shoes whenever I mention the word sewing…oh dear.

After a speedy lunch in the lovely cafe, whose staff I felt a bit sorry for as we all descended on them at once in search of food and drink, I returned upstairs to be shown what my ‘upcycling ‘ group project would entail. Who knew what you could do with a piece of felt! The group was given different parts of clothes to help dress a mannequin under the instruction of a very nice lady from Rubbish Revamped. I was tasked with turning a T-Shirt into something snazzy along with a lovely lady from the group of event organisers.



Who knew that fishes, seaweed and pebbles could be made from felt! I have now got lots of ideas for using felt on my future cushions. Luckily, for him, Luke is not in the habit of wearing felt jumpers so his clothes are safe…for now.

Other groups made sculptures, fashion items and cushions. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event and talking about craft ideas, sharing advice and swopping the best places to buy material from.

It was a very well organised event and it was obvious how much effort had gone into the day. I learnt a lot from the other crafters and it was also great to meet other crafters who enjoy making an assortment of things. What is more perfect is that I now have a new house , which I shall now consider my own large blank canvas, to try out all the new ideas on . I wonder if Luke would notice if our cottage was craftily transformed or if he would mind if two of his ties suddenly became a snake draught excluder??



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