Why Hello There 2012

What a fantastic, traditional christmas I have had. It began with joining in with Stir-Up Sunday and continued all the way untill the Christmas tree was removed into the garden. Although it seems to have sprouted legs of its own and has ended up on the other side of the garden. Now either my dad is playing a practical joke on me or I did actually choose a magical tree. I am keeping an eye on my dad’s whereabouts, and the trees, and if it pops up in any other random bits of the garden I will know the answer. I am hoping it is the latter.

We all had a fantastic boxing day without a television in sight. Instead, we had a few hours of singing around the piano due to my extremely talented brother. However, it got a bit complicated when he decided to play a musical game where you omitted words from a song or went round the group letting everyone sing one word of a verse. It sounds a lot easier than it actually was as I found out when I accidentally ended up doing an impromptu solo. This got everyone from the other room in as they wondered why I was doing a solo and why I had chosen that particular song. Maybe I should work on my musical taste if everyone thought it was perfectly normal for me to have chosen to sing ‘The grand old duke of york’ for my Christmas solo. Not good.

Then we had a black tie Italian Come Dine With Me extravaganza on New Years Eve where all my siblings and their partners cooked a course each for my parents to judge. It got to be very competitive with people guarding their courses for fear of sabotage and checking the icing sugar had not been replaced by salt. However, no sabotage was undertaken, or a least it was unsuccessful, and it was an incredibly enjoyable night with lots of food (in fact their was so much food I had to change outfits halfway through to enable me to finish dessert!), dancing, alcohol, games and music and finally the amazing firework display in London. Magical. There was also the added bonus of no sore head for the first day of 2012! Although I fear my siblings are a bit bitter as the LuLu’s were presented with the winning certificate for the main course. Even our domestic over the washing up did not hamper our chances. I managed to convince everyone that it was part of our entertainment but honestly, put a man anywhere near any washing up and more often than not they flap so much you end up wishing you had done it yourself! However, the presentation of our dish was all down to Luke so I forgave him. Just about. It may have been different if we had lost…

Then it was goodbye 2011! What a year it has been. I have lived in ‘proper’ America, travelled all over the place and returned back home again. In between this I have learnt to sew, bicycled across LA, seen a lot of amazing things, tried lots of new food and baked my way through the year. I am almost sad to see the end of 2011 but 2012 is already looking promising with a new car, tidy bedroom (for the moment anyway), new job and already lots of weekends booked up with gallivanting across various parts of the UK. I can’t wait, I have even made myself a 2012 buckets list;

  • Always drink good coffee, life is too short for just a regular cup of instant.
  • Begin volunteering more.
  • Always go to charity shops first as the majority of my outfits other people liked over Christmas were brought in charity shops, I had forgotten just how much I enjoy shopping in them and it is a worthwhile shop because it is helping to give money to charity. I already have a bag of 2011 clothes to take to the charity shop as well.
  • Read more books instead of watching mindless television. Although I will see how this goes when various series return to the screen.
  • Buy a cinema pass so that I will make time to see films and not just wait untill they are out on DVD and then never watch them.
  • Explore more parts of the UK with my first stop being Congleton (Yes really, no laughing please!), an overnight train ride to Edinburgh and then onto the capital.
  • Go to the hairdressers more so that the poor hairdresser does not have to contend with taming my tangled frizzball every half a year. Every hair cut I start by apologising first and I am hoping to change this.
  • Book a trip to Mount Everest Base Camp. I am not one for relaxing holidays and I figure that this is the perfect polar opposite.
  • Make time to see friends more, starting with a date with a friend over cheese sandwiches.
  • Buy a sewing machine so my thumbs will begin to heal over this new year! It will also mean when I make my parents a quilt they will get it before next year and it will, hopefully, be less painful!
  • Make it to Singapore for 2012/2013 NYE.
It is not an adventurous bucket list but I already have a very good feeling about 2012 and no doubt this list will expand rapidly.


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