Sleepover = Sleepy Head

So, I have been really busy recently as I have found a second job that has seen me submerge myself into a life of being a telephone customer advisor. Interesting, to say the least. I also managed to re-acquaint myself with some English traditions. This included a spot of afternoon tea with mini sandwiches, cakes and scones served on a two tiered rack.


Very posh and it was a complete accidental buy. We were just going for a coffee and the waitress twisted our arms into buying not one, but two of these afternoon teas. It would have been rude to say no! This was followed by an evening watching Children in Need. It was a great show and I was inspired by lots of various activities including one mammoth bike ride by a certain tele personality.

So in between both jobs I was spoilt by my godfather to a gorgeous Persian meal at Pomegranate. He even held all the doors open for me! Maybe I should get him to train Luke? However, my godfather is certainly a gentleman and extremely good company. I had a vegetable casserole with saffron rice after sampling ‘Osh‘, which was an incredible mixture of lentils and herbs in a fantastic soup form. I then returned home and back to working. It does indeed appear that there is no rest for the wicked and I wouldn’t mind but the most wicked thing I have done recently is getting Marmite into the butter during an accident with a piece of toast.

It was then back to my baking roots and an evening of cupcake making for a sleepover the next evening (please see my baking page).



Yes, I’m nearly twenty-four and I am going to a sleepover with some old school friends. It’s almost like we are all still teenagers! However, this time there will be wine involved. Plenty I’m sure. I just had one more day to get through of work and then I was free. Well, for a few hours at least. I packed my dad off to Ireland with a bag of cupcakes and dog biscuits


Under strict instructions to try to not to get the two mixed up. Then it was off to the sleepover.

There was indeed wine involved and I was rather excited when my friend appeared displaying a plate of bruschetta and smoked salmon pasta.


What was even better was being cooked for as I appear to have added ‘private cook for parents’ to my resume. It was delectable and not exactly quite like the school sleepovers of wraps and minstrels, it was far nicer. However, I had trundled in with a mammoth bag of DVD’s for us to watch when my friend informed me she did not have a DVD player. I have now made a mental note to always ask that question before going round to somebody’s house with an armful of DVDs as a DVD player appears to be a very crucial element. Yet, who needs DVDs when you have great company and we stayed up chatting for most of the evening and catching up on everyone’s dramas.They even liked my cupcakes so it was a success all round.  I did pay a smidgen for the wine the next day as I had to get up early to go to work but that was a sacrifice I was willing to have made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I quietly nursed a small hangover at work. I suppose that is the downside of grown-up sleepovers. I don’t ever remember hot chocolates and soft drinks from my school sleepovers giving me an aching head the next day.


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