Bootcamp, Time To Grow Up and Christmas Baking

I have finally recovered after making my first christmas cake, on  Stir-up Sunday, which actually looks rather good. It’s all very surprising. I shall just have to wait for the feedback from the taste-testers on Christmas day and then I will know if I have been triumphant or defeated by a mountain of dried fruit and a flurry of flour. For now I shall just have to ‘feed’ my lovely little Christmas cake every week on a diet of sweet almondy amaretto. What a diet!. This will be a mission in itself as it will require me to remove the cake, extremely carefully, from its secret red box.  I just hope I don’t drop it or completely drench it in liqueur. I fear that before Christmas it will end up either being a pile of crumbs on the floor or a major fire hazard that will threaten to ignite into a ball of fire at anytime.

I have been having an interesting week so far filled with walks and work. I have decided to delve deeply into the murky world of graduate schemes, yet again, in the vain hope I shall secure myself a ‘grown-up’ job. I think it is time as I am almost twenty-four now. It is about time that I bravely branch out into the corporate world, if I can ever pass the endless amounts of online tests and assessment questions. As I haven’t done maths since GCSE I think I may have to re-aquaint myself with my hidden numerate side. For now I am really enjoying exploring how a small business works. However, I don’t think I can say the same for my boss as I continually mind-boggle him with my endless questions and ideas which I think are ‘original’ but have almost always been thought of before. Therefore, I usually leave my boss sitting agog or rolling his eyes. Me thinks I will have to tone down my endless wittering for the sake of their sanity! (and for my job!). However, I think I managed to placate him with some home-made scones during my lunch break. Just about.

I have also been going to the gym in the evenings and last night was no exception although, in hindsight, maybe it should have been. I was disappointed last week that I didn’t find the class as challenging as I wanted to, apart from the penguin antics. Well bring back the penguin antics I say as I realised I was in trouble when the instructor informed us today was bootcamp day. The aim of the class? make us work out untill we feel sick. Alarm bells rang in my head and I was panicked to see that there was no emergency dustbin in the room. Yet the class was rather enjoyable and there was only one minor collision with another lady as we bolted across the room repeatedly. Co-ordination has never been my stong point.

I enjoyed this class because it reminded me a bit of bootcamp in  Indianapolis, minus Todd shouting orders at us. I still think that the Indy bootcamp was the best thing I have done as the classes were challenging and interesting and all of the people were so lovely. I did think about incorporating some of their spirit into the class but as no-one else was whooping or cheering when it got difficult I restrained myself. I had to really bite my tongue when a lady next to me paused for a break as I didn’t think a cheer of  ‘You’ve almost made it’ or ‘keep going girl’ would have gone down so well in this decidedly British exercise class. When the class did get hard I had a quick word of encouragement with myself as no-one else was  going to do this. I told myself I am the girl who ran up memorials numerous times, jumped up boulders, did judo press-ups in a military park and crawled up a steep river bank backwards. Therefore, I could cope with this class. Sounds quite something doesn’t it? and my pep talk did work for a few minutes. Then we were instructed to do the inevitably evil Burpees and I almost fell over.  

I retreated back home and began exploring the endless possibilities of what cupcakes to make for Christmas and I am glad I have started looking now as there are far too many I want to make. Unless Santa is feeling particularly hungry on the 24th then I need to get baking now otherwise we will end up with a mountain of cupcakes and I don’t think my family will appreciate me force feeding them these after a Christmas dinner. Although that all depends on who is making the Christmas dinner. I am not saying which parent is better but one definitely is so maybe I will make some extra cakes just in case! On the other hand, now I have written this I may have to eat the cakes myself as I think I have just drastically reduced my chances of being given any Christmas dinner!


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