Teeth, Biscuits and Throwing A Few Penguin-esque Moves

I am still getting used to being back in the UK. It is odd not having people ‘welcome’ me everywhere I go or telling me to ‘have a nice day’. Maybe I should start wearing a badge requesting this? Although this could, quite possibly, appear a tad bit pompous. Yet, I did get a warm welcome from my local post office owner as I went in to purchase an armful of all sorts of english biccies to fill up my make shift biscuit tin.

Don’t worry, my job search hasn’t led to me nibbling biscuits all day. Although I am having far too much coffee with a splash of the Hazelnut syrup that I brought back from America. No. This assortment of  sugary delights are for my new role as an administrator. My eclectic biscuit tin now contains oaty hobnobs, crunchy digestives, squashed fly biscuits and of course the english classic – rich tea.

I have to say, english biscuits are so much better than American biscuits (Sorry America!). However, it did cause me to spend a good few minutes trying to spoon out the soggy remains of biscuit halves from my cup of coffee after a spot of overenthusiastic dunking.

This biscuity indulgence led me straight through the doors of my local gym. I then spent an hour replicating the penguins I had seen the previous evening on Frozen Plant but a less cute and fluffy version. A happy footed penguin I was not. (please watch). This is because I had signed up for a ‘Tone and Trim’ class which meant trying our legs together with resistance bands before being instructed to do steps, lunges, grapevines, curls and knee lifts. All of this was achieved whilst still having our feet tied together. It would be an understatment to say this was easy but I managed to waddle my way through the class without breaking any bones or the resistance band. It was then a test of my intelligence to regain my freedom from the band. Finally free, I retreated back to my secret sewing missions, surrounded by autumn treats from America.

I even surprised myself after completing a bit of my project with my thumbs still in tact. Maybe I am improving?

An area where I am not improving in is my trips to the dentist so I decided it was about time to have my teeth checked and I have to go back. Therefore, I will be starting my Advent not with the usual chocolates from an Advent calender but some fillings.

Maybe the biscuits weren’t such a good idea.

My day only proceeded to get worse when I arrived home to a parcel. I was very excited as I knew it was the plug that I needed to be able to work my mums new American coffee machine. I brought for her but have a secret wish to covet it as this is the one big thing, apart from Luke, that I have missed from America. Much to my dismay and bewilderment the plug I was sent was an English plug to convert it into an English plug socket. What on earth is the point of this! I am a bit ashamed at how long it took me to work out why the american plug was not fitting into the adapter and then it was time to contact the suppliers and try to solve the problem. Now I shall begin my hunt for a plug once more and I will just have to be content using the kettle for now. I also have another dilemma to solve. Somewhere in my boxed up items is a ticking clock. I do not want to open these boxes until I get my own house so is there a way of stopping the clock without opening them? or will I have to continue to feel like Captain Hook until the batteries run out. I fear my sanity might disappear before that point.


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