Walks, Fireworks and Crafts

Since I have been back I have spent the majority of time in John Lewis for various reasons but mainly catching up with people. I did spend most of my time trying to find my way around as the store has completely changed since I have last been home. However, I was pleased to see that it is confusing other regular shoppers as the same people were looping me while we were both looking for the same section. It turned into a bit of a comical, impromptu treasure hunt to see where the christmas section had been moved too. For once I was pleased that I was not the odd one out because I didn’t know where I was going! I have then spent the rest of the time taking the dog for her walks, which she eagerly prepares for by running around in continuous circles at the front door untill you take her out. These walks also included a jaunt through Wilmslow Park, where Poppy either went perilously close to muddy puddles or ran behind our legs if another dog dared to approach her. I’m afraid ‘guard dog‘ is not a phrase that can be readily applied to this dog. Ferocious she is definitely not. This became even more apparent when fireworks were going off all weekend which led to Poppy hiding underneath people’s legs and eventually underneath one of my jumpers. Even Catherine Wheels made her jump. I’m just glad she hadn’t been in Indy during the 4th July! She would have probably leapt from the balcony!

I have also had a chance to cook a bit and this included making an anniversary meal for my parents who have been together for rather a long time now which is an amazement achievement. I’m not quite sure if Luke will be able to put up with me for over thirty years! or if he does it will be because of some strategically placed ear plugs. However, if we do I may replicate the meal I made (please see my ‘making..’ page). It did turn out much better than I thought. I was a bit experimental with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a dash of cumin here and there but it came together nicely. I think my parents will think they have a live in slave temporarily now! So I have made my room a little untidy just so they know I am not. Although at the moment the only person that it is affecting is me so it appears to be a ‘cut your nose off to spite your face’ dilemma.

I then continued my endless job hunt with endless job websites. I did find a very enticing job of becoming a lead explorer taking a group of children across a desert. There was just one snag with this fantastic job. You needed previous desert experience. Now I don’t think my time making a  few misshapen sandcastle would count and  I wont get any relevant experience in Cheshire unless I go to the local playground. I could try very hard to use my imagination to turn the sand box into a version of  the Sahara Desert. I believe I could achieve this but I suspect my potential employers would not agree that this was sufficient or quite the experience they had in mind.  By the end of one day I needed a break away from the computer and curled up to watch Kirsty Alsop’s new programme about crafts. Coincidently the episode was about sewing cushions and there were some cushion-makers who were doing things I had never thought could be done, like making cushions out of lama hair and strategically placing rabbits onto the cushions. That will have to be my next projects. I was quite contented for an hour sewing my own cushions whilst being inspired by the programme. That was untill I stabbed myself with the needle and had to give in.

I then discovered that one of the joys of being back in the UK is definitely being able to watch some decent tele without the ridiculous adverts every five minutes, usually informing you of a fantastic new medicine before then letting you know it could potentially kill you.  I was able to peacefully watch the English Strictly Come Dancing and Downton Abbey. As well as watching some very cute penguins on the amazing Frozen Planet. They were all so lovely. I especially like the fact that it is the males who make the nests and look over the eggs whilst the females get to go into the sea and find the food. I think we should try to implement this into our society? Although I am not very good at fishing, let alone fishing without a net, and avoiding huge whales which made me want to  shout at the tele to instruct the penguins on how they could escape. It was more tense than Jaws!  Maybe we could modify it to a quick stop off at the shops every so often instead.

Meanwhile Luke remains in Indianapolis and if this wasn’t bad enough he spent the weekend going for runs in Eagle Creek Park, drinks in Broad Ripple, and nipping into Yogulatte! Although I may get my own back and try out the new frozen yogurt place near where I live now. Yet just to rub salt into my small cut after leaving the states Luke has gone and retrieved a new car which just happens to be a Mustang. I’m a tad disappointed, if I have to be honest. My only consolation is that it is white and will need cleaning. All the time. Constantly.


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