I traveled among unknown men (and women! sorry William), In lands beyond the sea: Nor England! Did I know till then What love I bore to thee.

I’m settling back into the English way of life, slowly! It has been great to see some firm favourites again from kettles, Tetley tea,

PG Tips (including Monkey),
to roundabouts!
(Don’t worry. No-one was hurt in the making of this picture as I was not driving at the time)
Of course, it didn’t feel like I was back before I had been to see my grandparents for an eagerly anticipated catch up over a cuppa. I arrived just in time to see my Granddad get his Manchester City top on and was collected by my lovely Godfather. There were quick hugs all around and the boys went off to the match in a huddle of blue and with a flask of tea in tow. This time the flask did contain a teabag as last time apparently this was the one vital ingredient which was omitted. Then it was time for my Nana and I to get down to the really, serious business. Nattering.

I left my Grandparent’s quite a few hours later as both my Nana and myself  can talk for England. It was then time to take my parent’s boisterous puppy out onto the field. It was so refreshing to be in an English field. No matter where you go they always appear greener and I have no idea why. Or whether this is real of psychological.


I made it back, still with the puppy even though it was touch and go when she sped off and disappeared, and decided to introduce here to the peanut butter dog biscuits. Turns out that this is one picky pooch. She will not eat them unless you break them in half for her first.

Honestly! I suppose it is my own fault for encouraging her with peanut butter biscuits. She will be wanting a coat like the other American dogs or, heaven forbid, a set of wings like the ones the dogs were wearing for Halloween. Oh dear.

It was then time to tackle the sparse Trick or Treaters. This included helping a mini witch, a mini spider man and a mini wizard to choose some sweets from the Roses tin much to the amusement of their mothers. I had to go through each flavour untill the mini witch went away with her first choice anyway. I had no problem helping the other older bunch of Trick or Treaters as I ensured they knew they could take more than one sweet each. However, I didn’t mean for them then to grab huge handfuls and leave me with a sorry-looking tin of chocolates. I was just glad no other spooky characters knocked on the door for the rest of the night. Yet the damage had already been done as there was no more of the flavours I liked. Oh well I just had to find a trick then.

This trick turned out to be job hunting. There are so many strange jobs out there that I am not quite sure where to start. I have a  choice of applying for a call centre, a milker (yes, a real cow milker), an administrator or a dog walker? However, it appears you need previous experience or qualifications for all these roles. Unfortunately I just have a Politics degree which doesn’t seem to be helping me out at the moment. Maybe I could launch my own shop? Unfortunately someone has beaten me to setting up a local frozen yoghurt shop. Maybe a dog bakery would be a good idea? Or a sewing shop as I have just started another secret sewing project. Needles at the ready!


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