Back To Blighty

We boarded the plane and luckily had managed to get seats together. However we were then informed that they needed to fix something on the nose of the plane before we could take off. Well that was reassuring ,especially for my two nervous companions who hate flying. Thankfully the nose stayed intact on take off and we settled in to enjoy the dinner that was served on the plane, which was surprising because it was actually quite a pleasant assortment of chicken, rice and puddings.

Once we were fed there was an unsucsessful attempt to get to sleep. Well I was the only one unsuccessful as I found out when I glanced down my row and saw my sister  and mum peacefully sleeping. I would say they were quietly sleeping as well but there was some definite snoring going on but I can’t name any names whilst I still value my life. So instead of happily snoring away I occupied myself with a book and people watching. I began to worry as the lady sat across from me kept on going to the restrooms every five minutes. I was really hoping that there was nothing seriously wrong with her and I began to regret ever watching Contagion. However, we made it safely through the rest of the journey and eventually landed on English soil. It was then I raced to the baggage area expecting to find my suitcase, with the huge hole in it, replaces with a mound of all my clothes strewn across the conveyor belt.

I was more than a little relieved to see that my suitcase was intact. The relief was short lived when we found out we needed a pound to get a suitcase trolley. None of us had a pound so we had to manoeuvre our way to departures, which was easier said then done as we were juggling five suitcases and various bags. We struggled outside and finally saw my dad as he strode across the road and over to meet us. He faltered a bit at the sight of all of our bags but we were soon hugging hello . My dad and I abandoned my mum and sister and left them to get a taxi as we took some of the bags home. I rather liked being the prodigal daughter but im sure the preferential treatment wont last once I talk my dad’s ear off.

It was very odd being back in England. I had to remember which side of the car to get into and it was a novelty to see a roundabout again. I was amused to count how many corners there were on the way back home as well as traffic lights. There were no stop signs or crossroads in sight! It was also a lot more grey, yet I couldn’t be happier to be home. I actually get to stay in a house with stairs again. No getting the lift to zoom me up twenty-two floors to my apartment. Although the house felt smaller because the ceilings were lower but at my hobbit height that wasn’t too noticeable and I shouldn’t think that this will be a problem.

What was also smaller was the cooker and fridge. They were like minature ones compared to the ones in Indy. As are the English bottles of Diet Coke! I thought my dad was joking when he informed me they hadn’t been downsized. It was all rather confusing for me. I was also dazed as I wondered around Morrisons later that evening. Not only had the shop sprung up in my local town but it was rather English. No pumpkins and Halloween decorations haunting your shop. Instead there was an array of things I had been missing for the past six months like Marmite, ingredients that you can use to make a meal instead of having to buy a pre-made meal, normal red / green and blue  topped milk and of course Cadburys (Sorry America although you own Cadburys the bars you sell in America are nowhere near as good as the English bar!).

I got over the shock at hearing English accents again and not being welcomed everywhere I went. We returned home to make a ‘spag bol‘ and have a catch up around the kitchen table over a bowl of pasta. I just can’t believe we all lasted without any sleep. To avoid jet lag I tried to stay awake untill a normal English bedtime which meant staying awake for well over twenty-four hours. I kept myself busy unpacking and reorganising things but after some food and a glass of wine I was very much in need of a sleep. I just made it to bed before my eyes shut and I got to enjoy my first nights sleep back in blighty.


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