Au Revoir Hoosiers

So I began counting down the hours untill my departure from the US and what better way to do this than to revisit my favourite place and drag my mum along with me. This place was of course the library. I thought I would reward my mum for helping me spring clean the flat as I don’t really trust Luke to clean it properly once I have left. Men, in general, seem to have the absurd idea that cleaning incorporates a quick hover and maybe a wipe down of the surfaces if you are lucky. This implies that they think the dusting, mopping, cleaning the toilet and the oven are all conducted by the magic house elves. I wish!

We arrived at the library as it was going dark and it was beautifully lit up. I thought my mum would never want to leave the child’s section, especially when I popped her into an egg for a sit down. We then rented some scary themed DVDs for our ‘Halloween‘ night and I took mum to the sixth floor of the library, to see the view of the skyline, before leaving this place for the last time. It is not nice saying goodbye to things but luckily we had been to the Flying Cupcake Bakery before so I was hoping that a cupcake would soften the blow.

We then arrived back to the flat to find that my sister had decorated the table in Halloween style and was playing a Halloween soundtrack (0) .

My favourite being the Werewolves of London which always conjures up images of my dad bopping away to it. However my sister did not see why this was a scary song. Well she lives in London so maybe she has seen some Werewolves?

We then tucked into a bowl of chilli whilst being watched by our friendly ghost companions.

Afterwards we settled down to watch our scary films. However, no-one else appreciated the Jeckyll and Hyde movie I had rented. They seemed to miss the artistic quality of watching a black and white silent movie with words in bubbles popping up. Oh well, I did try. It was then time to re-weigh the suitcases and have our final sleep in Indianapolis.

After a restless sleep it was up early and time to load up the car. Luke was very, very happy that he had changed the car as we just about squeezed all six suitcases and various bags into the boot. With the car sufficiently weighed down it was straight onto the highway to Chicago. There was a slight blip when we had a police escort
so we took a detour into what looked like the set of a wild west movie. I kept expecting to see some tumbleweed but after crossing a few train tracks we were back onto the open road.

After a quick Subway we made it to the airport and struggled to get all of bags to the check out desk. I was praying that the bags were the right weight and the hole in one of mine did not get any bigger. We began to get worried as the airport lady tutted at the couple in front informing them they were a stone over weight on each of their suitcases and that it would cost an extra one-hundred and thirty dollars! I gulped as we approached the desk, especially as she informed us they could be no more than twenty-one kilograms when we were sure it was twenty-three however I thought it was best not to argue. The first suitcase went on and was a pound overweight. She let us off on this one but informed us that none of the others could be the slightest overweight. She was slightly scary, and a bit of a ball-breaker, and Luke and I nervously placed the other suitcases on. I couldn’t believe my luck. Two were forty-nine pounds when the limit was fifty! I’m glad I took some extra shoes out before we entered the airport. I just had to suffer one more ticking off about the hole in my suitcase and we had made it through checking in.

It was then a teary goodbye to Luke. I’m glad I didn’t wear mascara and I felt a bit pathetic as it is only five weeks apart. Maybe I had an allergy? However, I picked myself up and blew my nose and approached security with a somewhat of a fake bravado. I made it through for the first time ever without setting the beep off. However I did cause a jam in the x-ray scanner. Whoops! I then had to wait for Sarah and mum who were being asked to remove candles from their bags before putting them back in. I had warned them so I was fairly smug.


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